3 Important Roles of a Dental Office Administrator

The way to the patient’s heart is through the administrator. This statement has the right to life, if only because the administrator is an employee of the dental clinic with whom the patient has the first contact. Unfortunately, it is often the last. Of course, it is impossible to talk about the complete incompetence of absolutely all administrators of dental clinics. However, rare exceptions only confirm the rule.

You should do your best to hire highly qualified dental office administrators who ensure everything runs smoothly in your clinic. Those who want to take the role should enroll in a Dental office Administration course online to learn all the basics required for this kind of job. Everything in your dental clinic will run smoothly if you hire a competent dental office administrator. Understanding your role in this job is essential. Let’s look at the vital roles of a dental office administrator.

Raising Awareness

The patient may not know even the simplest things from the field of dentistry. This is not surprising because many of them remember their teeth only when there is acute pain. A dental office administrator can help them understand some of the critical things. But how clinically savvy should a dental office administrator be? It is enough to determine the pronounced symptoms of the disease or to understand the patient’s need for a particular service.

Having at least an initial understanding of surgery, therapy, and orthodontics, and being aware of all the solutions that the clinic offers in these areas, in 90% of cases at this stage of communication, the administrator will be able to satisfy the requirements of the patient. After the person on the other end of the wire is convinced that he has come to the right address and they really want to help him, he is unlikely to refuse the offer to come for a consultation.

Explain the Costs of Different Dental Procedures

The dental office administrator should also keep the patient posted on the costs of different dental procedures. Some administrators categorically refuse to name even the approximate cost of the service requested by the patient. It looks rather rough and immediately suggests exorbitant prices.

Often, the reason for this behavior of the administrator lies in the policy of the management or a banal ignorance. In any case, if the service includes complex treatment, and if even the first consultation has not yet been carried out, the patient still has the right to know about the potential costs that he will face, at least at the initial stages of treatment.

Here, an “interval price list” (a term used in sales technology) will come in handy, where the minimum and maximum prices for services will be indicated. Having announced the approximate cost, the administrator must definitely explain what it consists of and depends on. Do not forget to clarify that the exact amount of expenses can be found only after consultation with the doctor.

Monitoring Office Statistics

Dental office administrators should also monitor important things such as the flow of patients in their clinic. This will help them understand whether they are on the right track as a business. They must fix the call, write down the name and surname of the caller, his phone number, as well as the alleged problem or required service. Ideally, the dental office administrator should provide full reporting with all items related to the quantitative and qualitative side of the calls to the management daily.


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