Scientific Mechanism and Predictions No.3

Scientific Mechanism
Scientific Mechanism

Scientific Mechanism

Scientific Mechanism Earth is the third planet of the solar system a suitable place for human beings water, air, forest, and irrigation system sustain our life if the universe is observed millions and billions of stars are much bigger.

Sun in front of them resemble like grain of sand according to reseachers planets and stars are 5% of universe 95% universe made of dark matter and dark energy which can not be seen through naked eye in this technological era we only have learnt 5% of universe.

Physics Nobel Prize 2020 will be awarded to three scientists Sir Roger Penrose: who research on Black Hole and half prize will goes to Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez Andrea Ghez: 4th lady to win Nobel Prize in Physics before heading forward.

We will discuss astonishing and important information about 5% of universe If we travel to the corner of universe, with the speed of light it will take 46 billion years it is the corner of 5% universe which has been learnt yet from our galaxy Milky Way.

To nearest galaxy is Andromeda light required 2.5 million years Etacarinea star is 50 lac times bigger than our sun Betel Gewa star is 30 crore times bigger than our sun and VY Canismajoris star is 1billion times bigger than.

Our sun galaxy in which we live is known as Milky Way in our galaxy there are 100-400 billion stars but our galaxy is not much large galaxy M81 is 12million light year away from our galaxy and 60 times bigger.

Than Milky Way and galaxy IC -1101 is 1 billion light year away galaxy IC-1101 is 600 times bigger than Milky Way having 100 trillion stars in the same way there are 2 trillion galaxies in our universe it should not be forgotten that.

This is 5% universe which we have learnt yet Eden Phillpotts: “The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper” we return to Black Hole black hole a space region from where nothing can pass.

Due to gravity even electromagnetic radiations and light can’t pass the surface area of a black hole is called “Event Horizon” there are three types of black holes 01: Primordial Black Hole their size is from atom to mountain 02: Scientific Mechanism

Stellar Black Hole these are 20 times bigger and heavier than sun 03: Supermassive Black Hole they are 10 lac times bigger than sun Cyngus X-I was the first black hole discovered in 1960 which was 10 times bigger than our sun.

The nearest black hole from our earth is known as V4641 Sagitarri is 20,000 light year away Sir Roger Penrose mathematically proven that when large stars die, their remain produce black hole.

Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez from research discovered that a supermassive black hole 5 crore tone heavier as compare to our sun Scientific Mechanism is present in the center of the Milky Way 1974.

Stephen Hawking in his famous prediction stated that eventually black hole will be destroyed because they emit particles and radiations and they are called Hawking Radiation our 5% universe is much powerful over thousand.

Of human lives 95% of the universe is beyond our comprehension and this is our first sky Allah has created seven skies over another it time to ponder when creatures are so big how much big will be the creator Quran describes seven skies in seven following ways 01:

Surah Al-Baqrah verse no: 29 “It is He who created for you all that the earth contains; then He turned to heavens and made them seven skies- he is the knower of all things. 02: Surah Al-Mulk verse no: 03 Who created seven skies, one over the other.

You will see nothing out of proportion in the creation of the Rahman. So cast your eyes again. do you see any rift? 03: Surah Al-Naba verse no: 12 And we have built seven strong skies. 04: Surah Al-Muminoon verse no: 17 And we created above you seven paths.

And We were never neglectful of the creation. 05: Surah Al-Muminoon verse no: 86 say, “Who is the Lord of the seven heavens and the Lord of the Great Throne?” 06: Surah Hamim As-Sajida verse no: twelve.

“so He accomplished them seven skies in 2 days and settled in each sky its (due) issue. and that we have embellished the nighest sky with Scientific Mechanism lamps and guarded it properly.

All this is often the determination of the All-Mighty, the wise. 07: Surah Nooh verse no:15 “Did you not see however Allah has created seven Scientific Mechanism heavens one upon another”.

We have a tendency to in twenty first century once centuries efforts and instrument finished that our universe is spreading endlessly though Allah has unconcealed 1400 years agone Surah Al-Zariyat verse no: forty seven.

“And the sky was designed by America with might, and so we have a tendency to square measure the expanders” million and billion times Scientific Mechanism planets and stars square measure gift.

Allah has created from atom to seven skies once creatures square measure such huge thus excogitate what quantity larger are the creator witness the blessing of Allah on little planet, to little human He decision Khalifah of.

Earth decision America deputy and decision supreme creature many messengers are sent for steerage several books were unconcealed the book unconcealed on most beloved Prophet (PBUH) and created America his nation.

What we’ve done confined religious text to the third and fortieth day of death be after of worldly affairs and Scientific Mechanism confined it solely pretty much as good deed nowadays.

The one UN agency recites religious text deemed as nonsecular man Evil wide America from religious text and Scientific Mechanism world wide America from fashionable education slogans.

However, we’ve lost talents to know conspiracies against America like our religion Mark Twain; “It is straightforward to fool folks than to persuade Scientific Mechanism them that they need been fooled”.

Allama Iqbal aforementioned having done observation concerning treatment to religious text by America I’m grieved that you just learn religious text not grieved that you just opened it, as a result of you have got learned death. would that you just have learned a way to live If you wish the video share your opinion within the comment box.

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