How to Write a Research Paper Proposal: Tips for University Students

Do you want to learn helpful tips to write a winning research paper proposal? This is a common assignment students can find on their schedules. Nevertheless, this task is often assigned to the learners, many of you may not know how to deal with the paper. For this reason, there’s a well-crafted answer to the question “How do I write my research proposal and get high points?”, “Who can write a research proposal for me immediately?” students ask a lot. Let’s clarify the issue and help college learners cope with the assignment with ease. 

If you don’t know where to start and how to continue writing, start with a wonderful tool – because it will make your task easier and everything will be under a clear apparatus. Here you can find helpful tips on how to get started on assignments, what steps to take next, and how she achieves academic mastery.

What’s a Research Paper Proposal? 

The first question is about the specificity of the task. Do you know what a research paper proposal is? This type of paper reveals your plans for future research, your potential investigation, and the reasons why this contribution is important to the academic society. There are different ways you can craft the paper. 

The type of the draft may vary depending on the discipline you work with. But there’s a stable general structure for most research proposal papers. First of all, you work on the Cover Page and Introduction. The next step is to offer a Literature Review and ensure a detailed Research Design. One of the last sections of the paper is a Reference List. 

Does it sound sophisticated to you? Working on the research paper proposal isn’t a piece of cake for beginners. But once you grasp the main idea behind the writing, you will master the structure, get closer to the format and manage the task with ease. Let’s look in detail at what to do to perform the best research paper proposal for beginners. 

How to Write a Research Paper Proposal? 

There’s no solid structure everyone should strictly follow. You can find general rules accepted in your college or requested by the teacher. In most cases, students stick to the common structural design characteristic for many research paper proposals in different disciplines. 

If you have no idea what to start with and how to proceed with the writing, there should be a clear guide. Here you can find helpful tips on how to start working on the tasks, what steps to take next and how to wrap it up with academic success. 

Work on the Title Page

Cover Page comes first. What are the details of the title page? The first thing to mention is the suggested title of the writing. You should never forget to mention your name and the name of the supervisor. This is also a rule of thumb to include the name of the institution or department. 

This is a general way to work with the cover page. In certain cases, there could be additional requests from the teacher or department in general. You should put them first and then stick to the general structure. 

Create an Introductory Section

Now it’s time to introduce your topic. You need to reveal the topic of the research and add the relevant background information. It’s a critical step for the research paper proposal. To let the readers understand the specificity of your project, you should also include the research question and state the problem of the academic work. 

Your task as a writer is to answer the main questions. Who is interested in the topic from the scientific circle already? What knowledge is missing and what white spots do you try to fill? What’s the main purpose of research and how are you going to reach the point? These and the similar questions help clarify the issue for the readers and better understand your approach to the task. 

Include Research Methods

What methods did you use in your work? There are lots of ways to describe your work on the project. The methodology includes both your research design and methods. First of all, you should specify a research type. There are different ways one can mention the research type. Your choice depends on the type of discipline you work with. 

There’s another critical part of the section. You should specify what tools you used and what procedures were performed to reach the results. 

Work on the List of Citations

What sources of information did you use during the work on the project? The citation part is important to the whole understanding of the paper. First of all, it shows the citations from the works of other authors. Second of all, it proves that your work isn’t copied or plagiarized from another source. 

Craft a Working Schedule 

What’s a working schedule? To manage the work on the research paper proposal, you will have to set up a couple of sessions with the supervisor, and plan the writing activity and editing process. It’s important to set the appointments and follow the plan to make up the paper on time. 

Proofread Your Paper

When the whole research paper proposal is over, you need to dedicate some time to the proofreading activity. This is an indispensable step you can’t avoid. You should check the paper, reread the main parts and look through the research methods. Each part of the writing should be proofread and edited if needed. 



Working on the research paper proposal is easy when you have a plan. This is an approximate guide that you can use as a basis for your writing project. However, don’t forget to pay attention to the details required by your teacher or department. 


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