8 Ways to Make Your Living Space Reflect Your Personality

Most people don’t take the time to make their living space reflect who they are. This is a huge mistake because your home should be an extension of you. When you walk into someone’s house, what do you think about them? If it doesn’t seem like the person matches the house, it might be time to consider changing things up! Here we’ll give you eight ways that will help show off your personality and make your living space feel like home:

1) Hang Pictures That Reflect You

The first thing anyone sees when they enter your home should be a reminder of who you are and stand for. So hang pictures on the walls that suit your tastes and interests so visitors can get a glimpse of who lives there!

Are you an animal lover? Hang up pictures of animals, like your pets! Are you a fan of the ocean and all it has to offer? Hang up some photos of beautiful beaches. Do you love nature and hiking through the woods with friends on a nice summer day? Then make sure to hang up those scenic shots around your house (for example, this one)—the more personal, the better. If someone asks about something they see hanging on your walls that is meaningful or interesting in any way, then they’ll have just opened themselves into conversation with you — which can lead to great friendships!

2) Display Your Bookshelves

If you love books, then make sure to show them off! Shelves can help you see what kinds of topics interest you. For example, if they go on your shelves and find that they’re filled with old novels from the 1800s or cookbooks about French cooking, the chances are that person is going to think “bookworm” when thinking of you — which isn’t necessarily bad!

But if someone does not like reading at all and walks into your house only to be met by the book after book everywhere (even some in the bathroom), how do you think this will affect their view of who lives there? It may seem weird or even obsessive. So keep things tasteful if possible so that you’re not scaring people away!

Remember, The more personal and unique, the better. For example: if somebody has a hobby of collecting antique bird cages or even just old photos from their hometown, displaying those items in your living space can give others insight into what makes this person tick. People love doing business with individuals who remind them of themselves — so make it easy for them by showcasing things that stand out about you as much as possible! There’s no need to overdo it, though; you can get assistance from The Charlie Orange County.

3) Make Your Bedroom Cozy

As the most intimate area of your home, it should reflect who you are as well. You go into this room every single night (or at least many nights per week) after a long day — so why not give yourself something nice to look forward to when walking up those stairs?

When you come home at the end of a hard day, you want to let all worries melt away in an oasis-like bedroom filled with soft lights, warm colors, and comfortable furniture! Make your bed each morning simply because it just feels good doing it. Keep things tidy throughout the rest of your house too, but don’t forget about making this space special for you! If someone walks into your bedroom and they feel relaxed or even just at home, it shows them that you’re worth getting to know!

If the things in your room don’t match the vibe you’re going for (for example, an old computer desk when wanting something more romantic), then it might be time to consider changing these items out. Your bedroom should only contain furniture that makes you happy when looking at them — so make sure all elements of décor fit together seamlessly with one another. If not, try rearranging until everything matches the mood you want. The better others feel here, the happier they’ll be around you too!

BONUS TIP: Make your bed every day if possible; doing so will show others that you care about the well-being of your home in general!

4) Get Crafty

There are few things more personal than handmade items, especially since they’re made with love. So if you like crafting, this is the perfect opportunity to show it off! The living space is an area that gives people the chance to see what craftsmanship skills they possess — which can be very useful in business ventures and other relationships.

For example: If someone walks into your home and sees gorgeous pieces of art hanging on every wall (made by hand), how do they think about you? They’ll probably believe that not only are you creative but also capable when it comes to making something out of nothing – two traits that are highly sought after these days! And the even better news? This person will probably want to get in contact with you if they’re looking for someone capable of making their company logo, website banner, or any other type of design material.

5) Have Plants

Adding a few potted plants to your living space can make it feel more inviting and cozy. And if you happen to love gardening, then these are the perfect items for showing off what kind of work goes into taking care of them — or even just one green thumb!

Plants remind people that there’s life in our homes, which we all need from time to time, especially when working long hours at home alone on computers (like bloggers). So having some greenery around can do wonders for not only sprucing up an area but also inspiring us while we sit down and write about things like this blog post.

6) Keep Your Walls White

Not everyone indeed likes the color white. But if you like it, then make sure to keep your walls this way throughout your living space (at least for now).

White is a good backdrop for displaying other colors because it gives them the power of being seen even more clearly. And when people are walking into an area where they can see everything much better, there’s no question about whether or not they’re going to enjoy their time there! So be smart and use what already exists within your home instead of trying to change things up before you’ve settled in.

7) Have Something to Make People Laugh

Laughter is good for the soul and makes people feel comfortable. So if you’re able to make other people laugh, then your living space will be even more enjoyable for them!

For example: If someone walks into your home and sees a sign that says “no shoes allowed” or something like this inside of its front door (or within another area), what do they think about it? They’ll love seeing such an unusual piece. You’ve successfully shown them some humor, which gives them a chance to connect with you deeper, which is always important in business!

8) Make it Clean

One of the main reasons people enjoy their time spent in other peoples’ homes is because they know that everything will be kept clean. So if you’re able to show them this aspect about yourself, then chances are – your living space will get plenty of traffic 🙂

For example: Let’s say someone walks into your home and sees a broom leaning up against the wall near an area where messes frequently happen (like by the oven in the kitchen). What do they think about this? They’ll probably notice it right away, which means its purpose was successful! And the even better news? This person may want to keep things orderly themselves so they can come back at any given moment — just like when we were kids 🙂


If someone is visiting your home and sees things that are not necessarily about yourself (such as photos from other people), make sure to tell everyone where those items came from — whether that’s an Etsy shop or something else entirely. People love hearing stories about what inspires us, especially when sharing our own living space with others.

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