A Guide To Planning A Family Road Trip

Summer is just around the corner and for many families, this is the perfect time to start planning a vacation. If you are aiming to stay in the United States, you may want to consider planning a road trip.

This is a great way for you and your children to see the wide range of landscapes that the United States has to offer. As you will be in the car for the majority of the journey, to or from wherever you are headed, that means you will need to take some preparation steps to ensure that everyone is comfortable—and that the trip itself goes off without a hitch.

So, what are some of the tips for planning a family road trip? Read on to find out!

The Car

Make sure that the car you choose to ride in is large enough and comfortable enough for everybody in your family. Ensure that it is safe and can manage such a trip. Make sure that it has room for in-car entertainment such as laptops, iPads, and books; there is nothing worse than not having the space to keep your children happy on a long journey.

Depending on who is going on the trip, you may need to invest in or rent one of the many wheelchair accessible vehicle that are available. These will often have larger trunk space to make room for the wheelchair and the accessories.

Plan Picnics

With that in mind, if you are traveling a great distance over many days, it is worth planning picnic stops along the route. This will allow your children the time to stretch their legs and eat while not being in the car. It can also serve as a great way for them to see landmarks and learn about different historical spots in your state.

Family-Friendly Accommodation

When you are planning a road trip, you will need to find overnight accommodation—unless you are camping out. Make sure that any hotel, motel, or other accommodation you choose is family-friendly, and that it can offer your children some space to decompress. For example, is there a pool or a play area? It will make all the difference, honestly!

Budget Pocket Money

When you are traveling with your children, you should budget pocket money for them. This will not only teach them about the value of money, but will allow them the freedom to purchase souvenirs or items that they want. This allows them to budget themselves while buying presents, and it helps them learn a bit about responsibility while on vacation.


Every parent knows that when you are traveling with children, you need to bring snacks. While it is always tempting to drop into a gas station and pick up crisps and soda, this is not ideal. For example, many sodas have caffeine in them, which is not great for a long car rideas your children will become restless. Aim to pack as many healthy snacks as possible such as fruits and juices—and of course, pack plenty of water to avoid dehydration!


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