AA Meetings in North Carolina & Significance of The Big Book

When you associate yourself with Alcoholics Anonymous, you would find many references to the “Big Book.” The book actually is titled “Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story Of How More Than One Hundred Men And Women Have Recovered From Alcoholism.” Bob Wilson is the author of this book. It was released in 1939.

Members of AA meetings in North Carolina and other places around the world refer to this book as the “Big Book.” It is regarded as the basic “textbook” for alcoholics who wish to recover. It states the recovery program, including the 12 steps that every aspiring sober person must go through for successful recovery.

Today, this book is available in more than 70 languages across the globe. The purpose of this book is to show the world how the first group of 100 people successfully recovered from their alcoholism and embraced lifelong sobriety.

You can get this book online. Also, search for “AA meetings near me” to find a meeting in your area.

The benefit of the book

The book helps people put their faith in a Higher Power and surrender them to the power. This step helps people miraculously find their own power to fight alcoholism.

It all starts with accepting your alcoholism. As long as you are in denial, nothing would work.

Once you acknowledge your powerlessness in front of alcohol, you shed your ego and become humble. This is the beginning of getting your own power back.

As you find your own power and combine it with the Higher Power, you are able to solve your problem of alcoholism. You gain the strength to stay sober, initially with support, and then on your own.

Tools like Sobriety Calculator help you keep track of your sobriety. This serves as a source of inspiration to continue in your journey of sobriety.

Reasons to write the book

According to historical reports, one of the reasons for Wilson to author such a book was to give suffering alcoholics an inexpensive and effective way to access the AA program.

The book contains personal experiences of himself and his fellow members. They are a source of inspiration to aspiring sober people.

Helping people become sober is no business

After a series of meetings for fundraising, which eventually failed, it was decided that AA would stay as a non-profit organization and would self-finance itself. The members felt that the intervention of money would spoil things. Till today, AA is dedicated to helping alcoholics find a new life. There is no profit, no business in this.

Meetings around the globe

Today, you can locate AA meetings anywhere in the world. There are closed meetings and open meetings. No meeting mandates you to share your story. It is your choice. You can attend the meeting simply to hear other people’s stories and gain motivation.

If you still don’t know what to do, you can attend meetings to get a clear perspective of how things go in a meeting.

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