How to Take Funny Vacation Pictures (With or Without Trying)

Did you know 70% of travelers said they planned vacations for 2021? If you still haven’t gotten around to traveling this year, now is your chance to take a break and enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones. While on vacation, you’ll want to capture the beautiful sites and photos of your family members enjoying their trip. You probably want to capture some funny vacation pictures too. This guide will give you the best tips for taking hilarious vacation photos. Keep reading to learn more.

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Photobombing Is Key

One way to get some funny vacation pictures is with a good old photobomb. Trying to capture a beautiful family portrait in a breathtaking location will be more memorable with an unexpected background character.

This is more likely to occur by accident. Those accidental shots of strangers awkwardly standing in the background of your family picture make the best photographs.

You can stage a funny photobomb during your vacation as well. If you bring your pets along, you can capture them walking off in the back or jumping through the middle of your photo as you smile at the camera.

Make Funny Faces

Other ways to take funny photos during your family vacation include making goofy faces during group photos. The children on the trip will enjoy taking these pictures the most.

Take a few shots with everyone showing their beautiful smiles, and then let everyone do their own thing. A few people can flail their arms in the air.

Bunny ears are always a great idea. Sticking out your tongue or scrunching up your nose for a photo are other fun ideas.

Matching Outfits Create Hilarious Memories

Wearing matching outfits is one of the best ways to create a funny family photo. Think bigger than matching family reunion t-shirts.

If you’re taking a family trip during the winter holiday season, a photo with matching ugly Christmas sweaters is a hilarious idea. You can also design your own shirts with an inside joke only your group of friends or family will understand.

Spontaneous Pictures Can Capture Funny Moments

Taking some candid photos while on a family trip is the best way to capture hilarious moments. If you’re the designated family photographer, consider taking pictures while everyone’s busy interacting.

You might capture your grandfather asleep on the beach or one of your younger cousins with chocolate all over their face. The unplanned photos always end up being the best memories that make you laugh years later.

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Capture Funny Vacation Pictures With These Tips

If you want to take some funny vacation pictures during your next annual vacation, you’ll want to follow some of the tips in this guide. Make funny faces in your group photos, and make sure to capture a great photobomb.

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