What to Look for in a Governess – British Governesses Specifically

When we want to define a governess meaning, we can say that they are professional tutors who are trained to the highest standard. They usually have years of experience in the care and tuition of pre-school and school-aged children.. A top-notch governess concentrates mainly on teaching and educational needs.

What To Look For In A Governess

Of course, we always want the best education for our kids. The main reason we all want that is that we want them to move on to an excellent career. Therefore, many parents around the UK and the rest of the world use UK governesses services in order to provide proper educational development and childcare.

Especially because of the pandemic, homeschooling became very popular. Governesses are not simply nannies or personal tutors. In fact, when someone is an excellent governess, they will possess some unique skills that will make them a perfect candidate for nurturing your child’s educational development.

We are aware that no one is almighty,however, the best governess is one who is an all-rounder. When we say all-rounder, we think of an academic high-achiever who is great with people, but who can also help your child learn and grow in a happy and safe environment. Of course, you will not ask too much of them, but it is a good thing that they are positive and eager to help with house chores.

Top Things To Look For When Hiring British Governesses

Especially in Britain, homeschooling represents a progressive movement around the country and the world. Particularly in London, parents want their children educated at home instead of sending them to traditional public or private schools. That is why we have a lot of VIPs, industry leaders, and similar, who are using  London governess agencies services.

Parents make the decision based on the fact that they are not satisfied with the educational options available. That can happen because of different religious or educational philosophies. In addition, it can also happen due to the belief that children are not making enough progress with the traditional school structure.

Some important criteria can be:

  • Language and creative skills
  • Energy and physical activity
  • Qualifications
  • Patience and kindness

It can be different for every individual, however, most parents are seeking these universal qualities. You just need to choose what are your priorities.

Language and Creative Skills

Being a bilingual governess is an incredibly valuable asset for you. You need to cherish and emphasize that skill whenever you can. Especially for international families, speaking more than one language is of extreme importance. In addition, according to some statistics, when a child speaks more than one language, there is more chance for higher intelligence development.

It is not only about speaking another language. If you are able to draw, sing or play a musical instrument, you will be very desirable for a governess. The main reason why you will be desirable is that creativity is an important skill to develop in children, and parents are well aware of that. So if you are a music or art teacher besides being a nanny, this is an extraordinary asset.

Therefore, If you’re bilingual or multilingual, it’s useful to note this in the skills section of your CV. The truth is that parents will prioritize candidates who can offer a learning foreign language experience for their children. Learning another language and developing a creative side from a very early age is very important for the child’s well-being.

Energy and Physical Activity

Looks can be deceiving, but It’s helpful, if not necessary to hire a governess who is fit, healthy, and strong. If your child is very high maintenance, and also has tons of energy you will need to hire exactly that kind of nanny. It is even better If your governess can teach on the move. Meaning that participating in games and sporting activities is very encouraged. Energetic nannies usually have a better connection with children also.

When you care for and entertain children, it will take a lot of energy and physical strength. In addition, you will have this huge burden of responsibility of caring for the needs of all the children in a household. That is why you need to be strong and physically equipped since some families might include one to five or more children.

Sometimes, nannies have to look after different ages children simultaneously. While playing games, they need to pay extra attention to cooking. Then, driving to and from activities is one of the main activities and that also takes up a lot of energy and time.

In the end, cleaning up after children and pets also takes a lot of energy and physical endurance. That is why being in shape is crucial for maintaining a happy, lively and safe environment for the kids you take care of.


When it comes to academia, it is very important to say that governesses should have indeed a perfect score. Still, it is not about the score only, but it’s also helpful to hire someone who is top-notch in many different subject areas.

Parents hire governesses to provide all-around education for their children and that is why they want proficiency. They are even willing to spend more money on someone well-qualified rather than saving money for their children’s development.

You can improve your experience by studying child development through attending courses. Sometimes people think that it is academia only, but alternative ways of education such as listening to podcasts, reading books and speaking with parents, and reading parenting magazines or articles are also very important skills to look for in a governess.

Patience and Kindness

Last, but not least are patience and kindness as very important criteria of course. Patience is very important and especially with children where getting frustrated or upset can be very easy. If you are supportive, friendly, and considerate with children, you will also nurture their social connections and psychological development.

Especially when you are working with children for extended periods of time, it’s crucial that you are a natural when dealing with children patiently throughout their interactions. Parents will always choose someone who does not get upset easily. You will also need to be consistent in your behavior with children in sense of being gentle and kind.

Children, toddlers, and babies learn many things on a daily basis. Precisely that is why they will often misbehave. As a nanny, you must always behave understandingly. It is important because you are modeling positive behavior and helping children grow and develop from these moments.


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