Things You Should Know About Stargirl

The long-awaited DC show Stargirl is set to renew for a third season in 2022. While fans watch and re-watch the last season and talk enthusiastically about it, it’s easy for those who may not know much about the show to feel at sea.

Maybe you’re not a Stargirl fan. Maybe you don’t even know that Geoff Johns is the creator. But what if you want to be able to talk about the show with your brother or your sister-in-law or your coworkers? Well, here are a few facts that you should know about the heroine Stargirl to get the conversation going.

Stargirl’s Back Story

Known in her civilian role as high schooler Courtney Whitmore, Stargirl began super heroism when she found the costume of the original Star- Spangled Kid and went dressed up in it to a school party to spite her new stepdad, Pat Dugan. However, it turns out that Pat is Stripesy, the Star-Spangled Kid’s sidekick. He mentors Courtney through her journey of becoming Stargirl.

Stargirl’s Film Appearances

Stargirl has had three screen appearances played by different actresses. Her first portrayal was in the show Smallville. She was played by Britt Irvin and wore a rather notoriously bad outfit.

Stargirl’s second onscreen appearance was in the DC show Legends of Tomorrow, in which she was played by Sarah Gray.

Finally and most famously, the DC show Stargirl centers on Stargirl, along with her pals super and human. She is portrayed by Brec Bassinger. The show has just been renewed for its third season.

Stargirl’s Origin

The creator of the original Stargirl back issues comics has stated that Stargirl is named for his sister Courtney, who died in a 1996 plane crash at the age of 18. He has tried to keep her memory alive in the strip by embodying her spirit and energy in Stargirl.

Stargirl’s Powers

Stargirl has some pretty awesome powers. She can fly and shoot energy blasts, manipulate force fields, and is superhumanly strong, fast and agile. Her powers are due to the cosmic staff she wields and the converter belt she wears. The costume used to belong to the original Star-Spangled Kid, but Courtney stumbles across it and through a series of accidents eventually assumes the powers and the role it bestows.

Stargirl’s Cosmic Staff

A little more about that staff. Originally made by Ted Knight, the first Starman and Jack Knight’s father, the staff gives its owner the powers of flight, telekinesis, and levitation. It can obey mental commands from its owner, and Stargirl had to spend some time mastering this power. It also uses stellar energy to create force fields or energy beams. When she receives this staff from Jack Knight, the second Starman, it bestows on Stargirl her powers and her position in the Justice League of America.

Here you have a short overview of the main facts about Stargirl. Hopefully this helps you keep up in superhero conversations. And who knows, maybe these little teasers will even help you become interested in Stargirl yourself!

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