AdCommerce: 5 Reasons Why You Should Bring eCommerce Into Advertising

Shoppable ads aren’t a new concept, but you’ll notice this advertising feature  mainly within apps, most notably Instagram, and more recently, Pinterest. This type of advertising is gaining momentum. Consumers find this purchasing experience more fluid than others, so it’s no surprise social and app-based shopping is here to stay.

However, what about the experience outside of apps? While in-app purchases are popular, statistics show that customers want the same seamless omnichannel options throughout the web. To accommodate this enhanced customer journey, PadSquad created the first ad solution AdCommerce™ that is designed for the mobile web.

What is AdCommerce?

In basic terms: advertising + ecommerce = adcommerce. You have a product or service to sell, and this solution combines both funnels to create a streamlined shopping experience. Research highlights around 51% of consumers are more likely to purchase when they see a ‘add to cart’ button on an advert. So, this combined approach provides enhanced conversion rates.

With this data in mind, companies can benefit from this new advertising funnel. Take a look at some of the main benefits below:

Reasons Why You Should Bring AdCommerce Into Advertising

1. Shoppable adverts encourage sales

There are numerous adverts across the web. Popular options include rich media ads and programmatic advertising. These also create a way to incorporate commerce into the mix. Rather than directing consumers to a website page, it brings them straight to the cart. The benefit of this is encouraging and converting more sales. However, it’s not enough to just tell people to buy your product; it needs the proper context around it. Context provides a subtle nudge rather than overtly pushing promotions. By developing creative mobile advertising and programmatic creative, you will harness this influence.

2. AdCommerce boosts brand awareness and storytelling

This style of advertising allows companies to create a narrative around the products and services. The design element is essential in this stage, as consumers need to trust the advert enough to click through to the cart. Developing the creative also provides a natural advert that fits with the placement and encourages engagement.

3. Shoppable adverts minimize barriers to purchase

Many companies know too well the barriers in the customer journey. According to statistics, around $4 trillion of merchandise is abandoned before purchase. Unfortunately, cart abandonment will always occur in the customer journey, but adcommerce can help to reduce this dramatically.

One of the main reasons why customers leave before buying is simply down to too much choice. Websites are packed with products, and this overwhelms consumers. Alongside this, there’s also tons of information to consume, such as shipping costs, discounts, plus many other variables.

However, with shoppable adverts, you have a focused product, which speaks directly to the customer. This advert takes them straight to the cart and avoids interruptions in the check-out process. Adcommerce should inspire and educate the consumer and not disrupt the user experience.

To ensure there are fewer barriers at this stage, adverts need to target people effectively. If someone sees irrelevant products, they’ll just move on. To identify the best placement, research and testing are required. Partnering with a digital advertising company will guide this process and create suitable adverts that hit the spot.

4. Adverts help you get to know the audience

Creating a connection between brand and consumer is vital. While targeted adverts are developed to reach customers potentially before they even know you exist, the relationship shouldn’t stop there. Adcommerce enables brands to see a host of insights relating to the customer journey after they’ve purchased too. Once you have this data on board, it will guide future targeting and advertising efforts. Analytics also provides a platform to personalize adverts. This is said to increase customer loyalty and intention to buy. It also boosts click-through rates and brand credibility.

Shoppable adverts should be monitored and optimized throughout the live period. With data collected from impressions, conversions, and abandoned cart analytics, brands can see the whole picture.

5. Shoppable video adverts provide enhanced engagement

It’s clear that video is taking center stage across the web. It’s one of the best ways to engage with audiences, plus it can close the gap between inspiration and influencing purchases. While the video itself isn’t the shoppable aspect, it can be accompanied by a shoppable advert element. Moving forward, shoppable video, once developed, looks to influence eCommerce marketing further. This will create an even more powerful connection between brands and consumers.

The future of AdCommerce is bright, and it is dubbed to be one of the most successful tools in the next stage of eCommerce. The success of in-app direct shopping has provided brands with a new way to engage and sell to customers. So, taking the next steps and exploring the opportunities in this arena could open up a wealth of insights and conversion prospects.

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