Are You Getting Good Product Photography Service?

Professional product photography services are a great tool for online businesses. You can get great images for your product page, generate more sales, and earn higher revenue. However, you need to hire a reliable and experienced studio to get the best results. Some professionals have no experience with product photography and use the wrong techniques, which can lead to poor results. Here’s a look at some factors to help you determine whether you are getting good-quality service:

1. Cost Per Image

It is always wise to calculate the cost per image of product photography services before hiring a studio. Consider the total amount of money you need to spend on the service and divide it by the number of finalized images. Be sure to include shipping and other related costs to get the most realistic idea of the expenses involved. For example, if the total cost is $500 and you get 10 finalized images, the cost is $50 per image. It is easier to see what you’re paying for product photography by breaking down the costs. 

2. Brand Presence 

E Commerce is a highly competitive platform and it is easy for businesses to get lost in the background. Establishing a strong brand presence is the only way to remain relevant in a competitive environment. You need to hire product photography services with some marketing and branding expertise. If the product images don’t have a consistent brand presence and don’t stand apart from other competitor photographs, you may want to look at some alternatives. 

3. Readability and Clarity 

Most consumers make purchase decisions based on the information evident in product photographs. For example, they will look at product dimensions, colors, textures, size, and other such details before they decide to buy. If your photograph isn’t descriptive and readable, it won’t convince prospective customers and you will lose the sale. Experienced photographers know how to highlight the subject’s best qualities in their pictures. Look at the studio’s portfolio to see if they offer clear and readable images. 

4. Editing 

Professional product photography services are incomplete without proper editing. Experts use software like Photoshop to refine and sharpen an image. They correct white balance, improve contrast,eliminate any flaws before considering their work done. However, the quality of editing matters as well. The resultant image should look clean, sharp, and polished. There shouldn’t be any blurred spots or distracting reflections in the picture. If you notice this issue, consider switch the service or hiring a more experienced photographer. 

5. Background Elements 

Creative in-studio product photography has several background elements that highlight the purpose of the product. For example, if you want to sell a knife, you may showcase a chopping board along with some cut produce in the image. Background elements help tell the story but they should distract the customer from the product. If the customer is too focused on the chopping board and doesn’t pay enough attention to the knife, they may not buy it. A professional photographer will know how to keep the attention focused on the product and ensure it is the hero of the image. 

6. Models and Locations 

Lifestyle photography is also a part of product photography services. Photographers use models and different locations to showcase the product’s real-life usability. For example, an activewear brand may want to showcase a model wearing their clothes and working out on a track or similar location.A good photographer will choose models and locations that fit both the product and the brand. They’ll also make sure the product remains the hero of the photograph. This requires some skill, experience, and proper planning. 

7. Responsiveness and Communication 

Make sure your photographer is responsive and communicates with you throughout the product. Some professionals don’t discuss the project with clients or don’t consider the client’s ideas. An experienced photographer will always consider the client’s input valuable because they have better insight into the brand and its products. An expert can learn from the client’s expertise and ensure their work lives up to expectations. 

8. Suitability for Different Platforms 

Most business owners publish product photographs on different platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, social media, etc. A good photographer will make sure their images comply with the guidelines of all popular platforms. If your images are rejected by Amazon or social media networks, discuss the issue with your photographer. If the problem persists, consider hiring another expert for the job. Make sure your studio provides versatile product photography services and is familiar with different platforms. 

9. Optimized for Mobile 

Modern consumers prefer shopping or carrying out product research on their mobile phones. They can just reach into their pocket and find all the information they need to know about the different products or services. If your product images don’t look great on the mobile platform, they won’t impress prospective customers and that would lead to a loss in revenue. Make sure your product photography services know how to handle mobile. 

10. Long Lasting

Professional product photography services can be a little expensive so you want the results to last for a long time. Good-quality images look modern and polished. They won’t go out of date anytime soon so you can safely use them for several years, if not decades. However, poorly shot and edited images look very dated and will look old in a few years, which is a waste of money. 

Good-quality product images will impress customers, provide ample information, and help business owners establish a strong brand presence. You just need to hire the right product photography services to get the job done properly. Do some research into local studios, study their portfolios, and look at what kind of services they offer. It is also a good idea to speak with past clients and consider their online reputation. 

If your current service is underperforming, request quotes from other studios and compare the services offered. Sometimes making the switch is the best choice and can give you much better results.


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