Top Alternatives of Windows 10 Photo App Which is Slow

Microsoft has Windows 10 in 2015. While introducing Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced lots of changes in the main foundation of the operating system of Windows. The major changing was in the Photo Viewer. Microsoft has replaced it with the modern-looking photos app. Its performance is creating lots of problems for the users. To show the preview of an image, it is taking lots of time. As most of the people are browsing the photos in the Windows Photo Viewer app. That’s why it has become a major issue for Windows users. Due to this reason, they are looking for an alternative to this app. Here, we will discuss the top alternatives of the Windows 10 photo app which is slow.


It is one of the top alternatives of the Windows 10 Photo app. By using this app, you can easily view and edit photos. The users can easily use it because it has a neat and nice interface. It shows support for all kinds of images like HEIC, SVG and RAW images. It is also lightweight software. You can easily use it to switch faster between the photos. It has great versatility. With the help of this versatility, you can make things easier for the users. It allows users to install new themes and language packages. After installing new themes and language packages, you can easily enhance the usability of this software.

Image Picture Viewer:

Image Picture Viewer is the lightweight alternative to the Windows 10 Photo app. By using this lightweight software, you can easily browse the images. It means that you will not have to face the problem of bulky graphic suits. You can also use this app to edit photos. For editing the photos, you can use its editing tools. The most important editing tools of this software are cropping, resizing, brightness and rotating etc. While editing your photos, you can create lots of effects in your photos. While editing the photos, if you have made a mistake, you can undo the last action. It is also providing a facility for direct social media sharing to the users.


It is a free photo viewer for Windows 10. Along with viewing the photos, you can also use this photo viewer for editing the photos. While using this app, you will feel that it is snappy, it has no bloatware and it loads the images fast. Along with providing the best performance to the users, it is also providing some essential features. In these features, there come conversion of the media files, enhanced performance and batch conversions etc. If you want to extend the features of this software, you can add a plugin. While using this app, you can easily organize your images. It is also the best app that you can use for zooming and switching images. It shows compatibility with various media platforms.


It is not just a photo viewing app. You can also use it as an image converter and browser on Windows 10. It has an intuitive interface and you can quickly learn its interface. You can export images in various formats. It is offering almost 70 different formats to the users to export the images. XnView is also offering the best feature to view and navigate all the images at the same time. To view the images in detail, you can also zoom in and switch the orientation of the images. Its interface is easy to use because they are providing a larger icon to the users.

FastStone Viewer:

If you are looking for a fast and stable image converter, browser and editor in one photo app, it is the best app for you. By using this tool, you can easily view, crop and manage the images. It is also showing support for a wide range of graphic formats. To magnify the images, you can also use its high-quality magnifier tool. The full-screen viewer feature of this tool allows the users to view the images on the full screen. The users can also enjoy the amazing zoom support of this tool.


As recommended by a dissertation help firm, Imagine is the best tool for you. By using this toolif you are looking for one of the lightest alternatives to the Windows 10 Photo app, you can easily view the archive files. In these archive files, there come RAP and ZIP files etc. After viewing these images, you can also convert these images into various formats. To enhance the features of this image viewing tool, you can also integrate some essential plugins. It has the best GIF deletion feature. By using this GIF deletion feature, you can easily remove any effect from the GIFs.


If you want to manipulate the images in the form of a parametric view, it is the best photo app for you. By using this tool, you can easily view the images on your desktop, OneDrive and picture folders etc. You can also use this tool to view the images by date. It is also the best tool to view the files based on business documents. This tool is supporting more than 100 formats of images and videos. It is also allowing the users to zoom in and magnify the images. To preview the final results of these images, you can use its filters and auto lens.

123 Photo Viewer:

If we are looking for the best alternatives to the Windows 10 Photo Viewer, we can’t leave 123 Photo Viewer behind. This photo viewer tool shows support for various kinds of photo formats. In these formats, there come DDS, PSD and GIF etc. It is offering a single click feature to magnify the images. It means that you need to click on the images once to magnify them. The magnification time of this photo viewer tool is also very fast. To fulfil various purposes of the users, it is also supporting batch operations. While using the Windows 10 Photo app, the users have to face problems in switching previous and next images. By using this app, they can easily resolve this problem.


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