How to create another Instagram account: step-by-step

Either you use Instagram services for personal services and you want more than one active account or because you want to differentiate your personal account from the new one commercial, Instagram is one of the few social media platforms that allow you more. Profile account.

Have you ever wondered how to create another Instagram account if I already have one? How to create another Instagram account on my cell phone? Well, the first thing you need to know is that it’s easier than you think.

Instagram allows you to manage five accounts simultaneously, as opposed to a single factor, each with a link to a different email.

So if you’re wondering how to create another Instagram account with the same email, BIFG wants to inform you that the answer is no.

The only way to use the same email for different accounts is to deactivate one and not create another. You can’t activate it at the same time though, as the platform doesn’t allow it yet.

Step by step

We will describe below the steps you need to follow to create a second Instagram account that will automatically link to your main account, an activity that takes you no more than a few minutes and you can take advantage of this feature. Provides you from your mobile or your computer:

Enter the Instagram app from your mobile that you may have previously installed. Log in by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner and access your profile.

You can also access it via the web version of Instagram.

In the upper right corner, you can see three lines of symbols arranged horizontally, click.

Select the option “Settings”, which you will recognize as the gear wheel from its feature presentation.

Below, just above the options that allow you to log out, you’ll see a section to add or add an account.

Once the previous option is selected, the classic form for accessing the platform will appear, but in this case, you have to click “Register” to create the new account you want.

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Step Six

The first screen that appears on your screen corresponds to the possibility of logging in from your Facebook account. However, if you are already using it with your main account, you will not be able to do it with the new account.

Accordingly, how to create another Instagram account with the same Facebook, is not possible. Whenever possible you should have your Instagram accounts linked to Facebook.

Continuing with the above, if you are already using a Facebook login to access your main account, choose to use your email or phone number to register.

┬áRemember that email cannot be repeated on more than one account, so if you want this option and you don’t have another email, you should create a new one.

In case of using email, the platform sends the message to your inbox for verification of the sent address.

If you decide to use your phone number, you will also receive a confirmation code that you will need to enter later on Instagram to continue registering.

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Final details

Once your email or phone is confirmed, enter the name you want to create your profile, your name, and create your security password. Next, come up with the profile name you want to identify within the social network.

It’s important that your username is not the same as other users, so to avoid this situation, Instagram will show you a gray “X” or green check, depending on whether the entry is acceptable or not.

The same app recommends one or more profile names, along with your original name (provided earlier).

What happens next is that Instagram asks you if you want to connect to this new account on this Facebook account, but we have already said that it is possible if your main account is not connected to this device.

You can skip the previous step as well as the options that Instagram offers you, to search between your contacts who have an account on the platform and from your account you can follow.

Finally, you’ll be able to browse the section that allows you to find new people, from where you can find offers or user suggestions that the app automatically creates. You can follow any or just complete the registration without doing it.

Ready! You already created your second Instagram account easily and simply. It should be noted that both accounts will be connected automatically and just click on the existing username in the upper right to select them.


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