8 Steps To Take to Find an Awesome Resort For Your Vacation

You are in desperate need of a vacation, and you may have been waiting to go somewhere new for at least a couple of years. Well, now is the time to explore new things and try out new locations too. However, where do you get started? Do you know what steps you need to take to find an awesome resort? The resort and location you choose for your vacation will make or break your travel plans, so research your options before making a decision.

Step 1. Look at the Location

To kick start the process, you need to decide what location you want to go for. Do you want to be in a built-up area, are you looking for the countryside, or is the beach calling you?. Are you looking at a location in the states, or are you looking at traveling further afield? When you know where you want to go, you can then begin to further narrow down your search. If you are unsure about what location you want to head to, think about what you and your family want out of a vacation. For example, if you want familiarity, then it may be better to stay in the states, whereas if you want to embrace a new way of life and new culture, then you must start to look at other areas.

Step 2. Check Out At Review Sites

If you are looking at heading somewhere new, it always helps to get reviews from real travelers and from other families. Reviews can give you an insight (and a head-up) about what you can expect and what you can prepare for. There are lots of review websites that you can use and trust, and one of these is TripAdvisor. This website gives you a good overview of recent (and older) reviews, and it also allows travelers to add their own pictures. Seeing what other travelers see and think of a location and of a resort can help you come to a conclusion. On these review sites, you can also find what there is to see, do and visit in an area.

Step 3. Think About What You Need and Want

Once you have established the location for your vacation or trip, you then need to start thinking about what you need and want – do you have different ages of travelers going on this vacation, and do you need to cater for additional needs?. In your search, you will find that some resorts are built with young children and young families in mind. However, you will find that some resorts also offer adult-only spaces too. Thinking about what everyone wants and trying to fulfill as many needs and requirements as possible is important. When you get a resort that caters to a lot of your needs and wants, you can then enjoy your vacation and make the most out of every day. Start making a list of must-haves, and on this list, have a least 3 or 4 must-haves for the perfect resort. You do not want to compromise (unless you have to) as this is your vacation. So, do you want to play areas for little children (if you are traveling with kids)? Is a good selection of restaurants and eateries at the top of your list? Is accessibility a majorly important factor?

Source: Instagram, Posted on October 21st, 2021, Westgate Resorts Official Profile. 

Step 4. The Type of Resort

“A resort that is a haven for children with outdoor pools and slides”
After establishing needs and wants, you can then start narrowing down resorts. For example, are you after a resort that is located in the thick of all of the action, or are you looking for something that is off the beaten track? The type of resort you go for will impact the quality of your vacation. So, are you going to go for an all-inclusive resort? Do you need one that is heavily focused on activities and clubs? Or one that perhaps offers you the chance to brush up on your golfing ability? What does your perfect vacation look like, and what does your ideal location look like? When you can establish the answers, you can then start forming a picture of what you want. As resorts vary in size, and in the facilities they offer, you are best to narrow down your search criteria as soon as possible.

Step 5. Choosing Off-Peak Times

You want to go on vacation when everybody else does, as this feels more normal, and it changes the atmosphere of a location – however, do you need to? If you travel and vacation at popular times, you will find that your choices may be limited. You may find that you are not able to get the resort that you want, and you may not be able to do all of the activities that you want. However, if you go a few days or even weeks outside of peak times, you may notice a difference in the number of choices and options you have available to you. Similarly, you may want to choose to physically travel off-peak to save money. Off-peak travel can be considerably cheap than peak travel, and this can mean that your budget can stretch that little bit further. Avoiding local festivities and celebrations is also important too (unless you are vacationing to take advantage of these). If you are avoiding festivities, check out local and state days and events in advance.

Step 6. The Accommodation You Need

You will be spending a considerable amount of your time in your resort and ensuring that you enjoy it as much as possible. To do this, you need to ensure that you have a certain level of comfort. You want to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and you cannot do this if you have had a terrible night’s sleep. When you are looking at rooms or suites, you need to look at what is on offer, and you need to look at more than just the price. For example, if you are traveling in a large group or party, you may find that suites will be more suitable for your needs. You may even find that suites can be even more affordable than block booking rooms. Getting a feel for the accommodation on offer in a resort is important. You do not want to book something without seeing what it looks like first, so always check out official photographs on a resort’s website or once again utilize review sites.

Step 7. Looking at Blogs

Experience and knowledge count a lot when you are looking at resorts for your vacation. There are lots of blogs you can look at to help you gain a better understanding of what is on offer at a resort. Real and honest reviews and first-hand accounts can allow you to paint your own picture. When you look at blogs for reviews and for information, you get a less biased opinion. With blogs, you can also connect with the people behind them. Reaching out, asking questions, and even getting more information is much easier to do on a blog. When you are looking at blogs, you need to make sure that a review was not sponsored or given as a freebie, as this can affect its bias, and it can affect your opinion of a resort too.

Step 8. Food and Beverage Packages

If you are looking at a resort that offers all-inclusive options, you will know the importance of food and beverage packages. If you are traveling with a family or with a group or party, you will want to get great value every way you turn. You may choose a resort based on the food and beverage packages that they offer. You may choose to do this because you may find it saves you time and money. Reserving food or purchasing packages in advance can impact your vacation, and it can make your whole trip a lot more enjoyable and relaxing. If you are looking at a resort that does not offer a great variety of food and beverage packages, then you may feel limited. You may also be physically limited as well – especially if your resort is located on the outskirts of a location.

You want your vacation to be as awesome as possible. When a vacation is awesome (for the right reasons), it is memorable. Following these 8 steps will save you time, and it will save you a lot of stress too. Getting the right resort will take time. If you rush through the process, you will miss something, and you may end up compromising (when you don’t need to). You will remember the resort you stayed in, and it will have a lasting impression if it is good, so really get to grips with what you want, and think about what made previous vacations awesome. The right resort for you and your vacation is out there. It may be in another state, or it might be across the country – but it is there, and it is waiting for you!


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