The main upcoming trends of TikTok promo for 2023

Social media promotion surely does have its own trends – we have clearly seen it in Instagram, and now we can see the same in TikTok as it is gaining more and more popularity over the last few years. In this article we’d like to briefly review the main upcoming trends for TikTok promotion for 2023 and also talk about how a chance to buy TikTok followers finds its place in this helpful list of options.

Cross posting 

Today more than 50% of reels in Instagram are TikTok uploaded to that platform. If you want to efficiently expand the audience that you’re gathering on TikTok, you should be doing that to each one of your clips. Don’t forget to put a mark on it with your TikTok address and also put it in your bio, explaining to the people that you’re actually originally a TikTok content creator. You can do the same on Twitter and Facebook, actually, but we can surely say that on Instagram that hack works the best. 

Following the trends and finding your target audience using them 

Everything is clear here: to find people who are going to watch you, think of what type of people you want to see as your viewers and search through the trends examining the comments. You will definitely be able to find people that go into your group here – see what type of trends they are watching and film these too. You’ll see a pretty quick influx in your followers’ count after that. 

Purchasing subscribers for your page

Although some people think that this method has shifted to the background, this is far from the truth: an opportunity to purchase subs still works great and brings a lot to the table of social media promotion no matter what social media you’re striving to get popular on. The only nuance here is that you need to take on exclusively real subscribers and not the fakes and bots like many promotional websites sell (check the link above, we’re giving you a resource of actually genuine followers’ bundles) and organize a promotional campaign step by step – don’t purchase thousands of followers straight away if you have none right now. Divide them into smaller bundles and acquire them gradually. This way you won’t be causing any questions from your audience. 


Please, don’t fall for the “magic hashtags that will get your TikToks into recs straight away!” It just doesn’t work anymore. If your clip doesn’t have anything in common with the tag, you shouldn’t be using it. Make your hashtags as specific as possible, and yes, don’t be afraid to use “too much” of these. IG’s rule of using from 5 to 15 tags only doesn’t work here, you won’t be able to go overboard no matter how many you’re putting into your description box. 

Posting regularly

Scheduling is key! Yes, this is the most boring and the most cliche thing, but it always works. Make yourself a content plan, decide when you’re going to film what and don’t lean away from that plan. Surely, there might be changes in it, but you should always put forward some fresh and interesting content for your people, otherwise you’re going to quickly lose your audience – people will simply forget you. The only way to never fall out of their memory is to always be there, filming your new clips on TikTok.

Try to also add that special something to your content, something that people would remember you by. It helps with sticking to the memory better and for a longer time period. 


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