Marketing on Instagram – Tips for Planning

Do you post to Instagram whenever you remember, or have you thought hard about a plan for a marketing channel that focuses on image and video storytelling? The release is often left in the footsteps of others in a hurry. There is a constant knock in the back of the head that there is nothing to publish. In this blog post, I’ll give you tips on marketing from an Instagram perspective, with systematicity reducing the pain of publishing.

According to a famous digital marketing agency, many companies are present on Instagram through user-generated content. Your customers are already there, are you? Instagram is an ever-growing social media service. Users and company profiles publish image and / or video content to the channel, which can be published to the profile, stories and IGTV.

  • A profile is a user account that can be a personal account, a business account, and a content publisher account (including bloggers, athletes). The difference between these is that the Company account has information and statistics about the target group and publications of the profile, and you can advertise directly through Instagram through the Company account. There is also a browser-view version of each profile.
  • Instagram stories are updates that disappear 24 hours after release. Stories can be published as videos, live broadcasts, texts, and a variety of video and image filters and effects can be used in the stories.
  • When published to your Instagram profile, the video can be up to a minute long. If you have (vertical) video of more than a minute, you can publish it to IGTV. IGTV is Instagram’s own video platform.

As an Instagram channel, like other social media channels, they are part of a company’s content plan. If marketing planning and groundwork (customer target groups, key messages, and imaginative goals) are in progress, the real benefits of Instagram are often missed. That’s when we think of the channel as images and videos, not content that aims to tell a story and create an image.

Instagram channel audiences

Who do you want to reach on Instagram? Is the channel meant to find new customers or serve existing customers? Understanding of target groups is often halfway through when the channel is already in use. In order for Instagram’s content production to remain interesting, it’s very important to consider things that your own target group identifies with. This will also make content production easier and more systematic.

Example: If you’re looking for new customers on Instagram, consider a typical customer profile? What things does he appreciate, what other topics does he follow on social media, what things are interesting? In order to arouse interest in the channel and content in a person who does not yet know you, you need to find themes that identify with your target audience. 

Even on Instagram, the visibility of content is affected by an algorithm that rewards better visibility for updates that your own followers commit to by liking or commenting, says an expert from a local SEO agency.


Once you know the target audience you want and your goals for the channel, it’s time to think about the content. So do not jump to this point until the target groups are clear.

One effective way is to design 6-12 different themes or categories related to your business. This is because interesting publications are often non-product or service-oriented communications. What are the things that are at the heart of marketing anyway and the distinctiveness of a company? When you think about the narrative themes that are repeated in the content in advance, you can already take pictures more systematically and at the same time create your own image bank.

These can be themes that repeat in the image stream each time in the same order, or so that you can design the image stream so that the themes repeat, but the order doesn’t matter much.

Example Company B: This is a small player who wants to reach new customers through Instagram. The categories can be, for example, locality-related, entrepreneurial, service-related, identifiable themes of interest to the target group (about the entrepreneur’s own life or even hobbies, which, however, affect the company’s operations). A small business can be highly personalized. Take advantage of this because at the same time it makes the company an approachable and people-friendly operator.

Example Company D: This company provides expert services and wants to be an attractive employer in the future. Content themes come from the competitive advantages defined by the company – why is this company an attractive employer? What are the benefits, what is the corporate culture, what is done together? How do you tell this distinctiveness through images?


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