8 Parallels Of Instagram & TikTok Every Business Owner Should Know

As a marketer, you might compare Instagram and TikTok to find the best for promoting your products. As an intelligent business owner, choose both platforms to boost your social commerce sales. Make TikTok short videos, link your Instagram shop link, and let your audiences experience hustle-free shopping. While you are sharing videos on TikTok, make sure to buy tiktok shares to higher your brand’s reach. Below you will come across the similarities of both the platforms to use them effectively.

Video Oriented

The best way to market your product to the target audience is by visually showing them the products. With Instagram and TikTok, you can share short videos for your audience to see and make a purchasing decision. It would be best if you could tell your brand story and create a voice for your product. Marketing through videos on Instagram and TikTok lets your product reach potential customers globally. Create and share short videos on both platforms to form solid social commerce for your business.

Parallel Demographics

TikTok and Instagram nurture users who mainly belong to generation Z and millennials. If your brand’s target audience is teens or young adults, then your best marketing place is Instagram and TikTok. But you can also use the target ads for advertising your products to a specific set of audiences. For instance, pet owners will see pet products. You can also run a successful makeup/ beauty campaign to target your potential customers on Instagram and TikTok.

Video Length

Instagram reels and TikTok allow you to create videos of 15-60 seconds duration for your business. The best period for creating a viral reel or TikTok is a maximum of 30 seconds. Make sure to keep your content interested from the initial 5 seconds of the video to grab attention. Creating innovative short videos for your brand improves viewership. You can also get assistance from Paymetoo to land your content on the Explore Page or the FYP page. 


Both Instagram and TikTok business profile provides you with free insights report daily. Use these reports to find your target audiences and the peak time of your account. Upload posts during these peak times for your videos to be seen by a maximum audience. You can find which videos perform well by keeping an eye on the analytics report of your account. Repeated contents tend to perform well on your Instagram and TikTok accounts. Insights also provide you with a piece of detailed demographic information so you can identify the category of your audiences.


TikTok and Instagram share a parallel algorithm when sharing videos with their users. You can find explore page on both platforms where new audiences can discover your brand and follow if they like your content. However, with a sea of content on both platforms, it is hard to reach the eyes of your audience. To beat the algorithm, you can share your TikTok content on your Instagram stories as cross-promotions. Businesses choose Paymetoo to uplift their content viewership on both TikTok and Instagram. Additionally, cross-promote your Instagram content on your TikTok videos.

Go Viral

Going viral on Instagram and TikTok is easy; TikTok is the best place for you to grow your organic fan base. As reels were introduced recently, Instagram encourages users to make more reels by letting them go viral. It would be best if you used reels to promote your brand due to its high success rate. Create original content on both platforms to make your videos go viral. Finally, remember to produce high-resolution videos to pass the media’s standards.

Hashtag Challenge

You can organize a hashtag challenge in your Instagram account, just like in TikTok. Get started by optimizing a video and using the relevant hashtags for the videos. Then, create a custom hashtag for your campaign and set the challenge. Invite celebrities, influencers, and your audiences to participate in the challenge using the hashtag. Make sure to run the hashtag challenge on both Instagram and TikTok to boost your followers and brand visibility. Keep your hashtag challenges easy, urging people to participate in the challenge. With the increased number of participants, your brand visibility increases directly.

Editing Features

Both platforms come with editing features that you can leverage to improve the quality of your videos. Once you understand editing with in-built features, you can make excellent edit cuts too. Instagram and TikTok also provide features to maintain your video fun and engaging for your audiences. Make use of an extensive collection of music and filters available on both platforms to produce quality videos.

Winding Up

After learning all the similarities between Instagram and TikTok, why are you still debating which is the best for marketing? Use these social media platforms to tell your brand story visually. Choose Instagram and TikTok to grow your network in the competitive business world.


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