How to Make Your Video Mobile-Friendly?

Ever since the production of the first smartphones more than a decade ago, they have made their way into the lives of each one of us. Moreover, according to Statista, over 6 billion people around the world currently use a smartphone. Only last year, a massive 1.38 billion units of smartphones were sold to the end-users!

However, such a great acceptance of these devices also changes how people consume content online. Also, with video-centered platforms like YouTube reporting almost 50% of their views coming from mobile devices, you need to create mobile-friendly content. Now, you can do that by using the right orientation, taking ideas from video templates from an online video editor, etc.

If you want to know more about these tips to make your video mobile-friendly, read on!

The availability of huge amounts of content online thrown at us by targeted algorithms has greatly shortened our attention span. This is clear from the widespread success of short video platforms like TikTok! 

In fact, TikTok became so successful that other social media platforms have tried to emulate their own ways for short video sharing. Thus, it goes without saying that your content will fare much better if it is under 2-3 minutes long. Keep this in mind while creating your videos and avoid drawn-out explanations and information. 

You can use a simple story-like format that highlights your product or service which is concise and easy to follow. Tools, like an online video editor, can help you cut videos short and make them mobile-friendly. 

  • Hook Your Audience

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In this fast-paced world where we are tempted to just skip to the next video, the first 10 seconds of your video are very important to hook your audience! These few seconds decide whether the person will see your whole video. 

You can start your video with a compelling question or even a joke. It has to be something that will easily elicit an emotional response from your audience. Also, don’t go too slow in these first few seconds as your audience will need some action to develop an interest in what you have to show. 

Keep the most important information and brand visuals right at the beginning of the video. This will help you convey vital information beforehand even if the viewer chooses to skip the video eventually.

  • Make Videos That Don’t Require Audio Support

We use our mobile phones when we are out a lot of times. This means that we consume a lot of content while we are in public places where it might get hard to play videos with sound. This may be the reason why about 85% of the videos on Facebook are played without sound. 

There is nothing like a lovely audio explanation, but still, try to keep your video easily understandable even without the audio component. You can easily achieve this by integrating captions and subtitles in the video. 

There are a lot of tools, like an online video editor, available to easily auto-caption your videos.

  • Use Proper Orientation and Aspect Ratio

Most people using mobile phones might not watch your videos full-size. Moreover, most users will prefer not to have to rotate their phones to watch your videos.

Thus, you need to set your orientation in a way that you capture the maximum area on the viewer’s screen. 

Hence, while making content for the feed, make videos that are square. This way, people can comfortably watch them without having to enlarge them or rotate their phones. 

However, while making videos for stories on Instagram or Facebook, we suggest using the vertical 9:16 aspect ratio. This will capture most of the screen naturally.

You can use an online video editor, like Promo, that offers various orientations as per the social media sites. 

  • Give a Concise Message

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Your video is not mobile-friendly if it is too complex to follow. Most people glued to their screens use phones to kill time or while sitting in the comfort of their home. Thus, most people will skip your content if it is too hard to follow or makes them think!

To avoid this problem, refrain from moving too far away from the point of your video. Also, do not lose focus even for a second. You should also avoid going too deep into each and every aspect of your product. 

If required, you can divide the features and aspects of your product into multiple videos. This way, the audiences don’t have to see the same video repeatedly and get bored.

  • Use Text Effectively

Text is a very good way to provide a lot of information in very little time. You can combine your text with visual cues like animations. Then, blend it effectively with graphics to get your point across in a very short time.

Moreover, using text makes it easier for people to understand your video without sound. If you use text and other visuals effectively, you may even eliminate the requirement for audio.

However, you should make sure that the text you use is clearly legible on small screens. Use larger fonts and increase the contrast between your text and the background. An online video editor can definitely help here. 

  • Give Proper Call to Action in the End


You have succeeded in hooking your potential customer till the end by using all the cool tips above. However, now what?

No video is complete without giving people a direction about what you want them to do. A call to action refers to a call made to people to act on something. 

So, give clear instructions about how you want them to engage with you further by providing links to your social media handles or your website. This allows them to connect to your brand further and hopefully be your customers.

Final Thoughts

By using the above tips, your brand can become the next sensation in this fast-paced, hyper-connected world. After all, a lot of mobile users frequently share content they like with their friends and peers. So, before you create your next video, do consider these tips for creating mobile-friendly videos always. 



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