Why You Need To Start Using Instagram Ads

Most people spend a lot of time on Instagram because it is visually stimulating. This social media platform keeps on evolving from time to time. Since Instagram introduced advertising features, it has made it easier for businesses to get more customers.

If you have been using Facebook ads and would like to promote your business on Instagram, you should utilize ads. This social media platform allows you to advertise through promoted posts as you target your audience. Some of the Instagram ads formats include Photo ads, Video ads, Reels, and Stories. Here is more!

Why use Instagram ads?

Build following

Since Instagram has billions of users, it allows you to reach out to a bigger audience. Not everyone on Instagram is solely there to connect with friends. Some people on the platform focus on brands since they look for different products and services on the platform. Research shows millions of users spend some time on business profiles every day.

Using Instagram ads can help you build a following for your brand. If you wish to increase your reach further, you should consider working with blastup since it can help you increase your following.

It requires less effort

You will find Instagram ads easier if you have tried other advertising techniques like banners. This is easier since you don’t have to develop very long posts or create overdrawn commercials. As long as you are familiar with Facebook ads, you can quickly start using Instagram ads.

The two social media platforms are connected through the Facebook ads manager. It, therefore, prevents you from beginning from scratch. This integration also gives you the chance to enjoy the benefits such as diverse formatting and customization options from Facebook. It even allows you to target the audience according to Facebook data.

All you need to start running Instagram ads is to develop a short clip or image that can captivate your target audience. This is a simpler process than picking between video ads and banner ads. Though Instagram ads are less complicated, you should think about what you would like to post to achieve your goals. Most businesses that use Instagram ads find them less time-consuming and more effective than other marketing channels.

Rapid Growth

Since Instagram was introduced, it has been experiencing rapid growth and has become better than most social media platforms. This platform now offers advertising features that you can use to market your business further.

There is a high likelihood that this social media platform will continue growing. Research shows that Instagram has over 700 million users and is still growing. Therefore, you should take advantage of the ever-growing community on this social media platform.

It lets you showcase your brand via stories

One of the popular Instagram ads formats that you should use to showcase your brand is stories. Since more than half of  Instagram users watch stories every day, adding stories to your advertising strategy is advisable. Many brands that use this have been noticing great success in brand awareness.

Using stories connects your brand with a larger target audience in different regions that you didn’t even know existed. Some Instagram users reveal that they gain interest in specific brands after seeing their stories on the social media platform. If you choose to use Instagram stories ads, you should develop motion-focused content. Ensure that the message is upfront to fit with the nature of the stories well.

You can take advantage of the engagement rates

Instagram has a higher engagement rate compared to most social media platforms. As you create Instagram ads, you only need to develop visually engaging content to start driving purchases. To get high engagement rates, you should focus on Instagram ad formats such as video ads, photo ads, and carousel ads.

You can also increase engagement by leveraging user-generated content or beginning a hashtag trend and sharing it. Most users on Instagram are not only willing to engage, but they also tend to remember great Instagram ads from different brands.


If you have been looking for ways to get a wider audience, you should consider using Instagram ads. These keep on growing and give you more ways to take advantage of the social media platform.

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