4 Things You Need To Make A Successful Marketing Video From Home

The most expensive video commercial of all time cost $33 million to create. In 2004 Chanel hired Nicole Kidman to create a three-minute ad for their perfume. Don’t be so extravagant with your company’s marketing video.

A much cheaper option is to make a DIY marketing video in-house or literally in your home if you are a small start-up. You’ll need the right video marketing tools to produce a DIY masterpiece. Poorly-produced videos reflect badly on your business, so do things the right way.

You don’t need a degree in video content marketing, but you will need the right video content marketing equipment. Read on to find out four essential things you need to make an amazing marketing video for your business.

1. A Production Facility

Production facilities can range from a simple basement setup to professional studio space. Depending on how advanced you want to make your video, you may be able to do most of the production at home.

For more advanced projects, however, you may need to rent studio space for specific parts. An example would be seeking out a green screen room rental for parts of your marketing video that feature special effects.

2. Editing Software

Even the most basic homemade marketing video will require editing software. Editing software ranges from the most simple downloadable versions for your home computer to professional-grade programs that cost thousands of dollars.

You may be able to get by with more simple software if you are a solo Youtube content creator. For professional-grade business-to-business marketing videos, you should invest in quality software. You need to pay for professional quality.

3. Recording Equipment

The quality of recording equipment dictates the quality of content produced. At the very minimum, you will need a camera, microphones, and lighting devices. Consumers will be able to tell if you produce your video with a smartphone.

High-quality videos require production-level equipment. It may be more economical for your organization to rent this kind of equipment. An exception is if you plan on making many videos for an ongoing campaign.

4. Acting and Writing Talent

Unless you want your marketing video to resonate with all of the grace and candor of a used car commercial, you need some good actors. You will also need props, backdrops, a workable set, and a good screenplay.

Hire professional actors and writers for professional-grade marketing videos. At least choose employees to perform in your video who have basic acting talent if you insist on making yours as barebones and DIY as possible.

Your Marketing Video Reflects Your Business

Your customers and other businesses will judge your business by its marketing video. So will your competition and the internet community in general. Make sure that your video is professional, even if you make it yourself at home.

Use the information in this guide when creating a DIY marketing video from your home. Know when to hire professionals and what aspects you can handle yourself. For other great news and information, check back with our site soon!

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