Busting the Myths Regarding Household Electricity

There is more to electricity than the lighting we see in the sky during a thunderstorm. Our responsibility is to learn more about it (safely) in a period filled with robotics, smartphones, and automation. Today is the day we educate ourselves about electricity.

The Different Forms of Electricity

You have heard the term static electricity for a while now, but how do we classify it? There are two kinds of electricity.

Static Electricity

Static electricity is a form of electricity charged after contacting specific materials. Static charge takes place when two surfaces are rubbed together.

A famous example is rubbing a plastic ruler on your hair. The ruler will charge from electrons present in the hair, whereas the hair will become negatively charged.

Current Electricity

Current electricity means the rate at which the electrons flow from one location to another. The traveling electrons will generate electricity which is measured using amperes or amps. You will learn more about it later.

Current electricity requires a conductor to flow freely. A conductor will aid the current electricity from one location to another. The most common conductor used is copper wires.

The myths

How Dangerous Is Low Voltage?

We have all been scolded away from electrical outlets during our childhood. Our parents were deeply concerned for our well-being since outlets can cause severe electrocution. You may believe that a high voltage battery point is harmful, but that is simply not true.

That is because we are thinking about the wrong unit. We should be reading about the amp, the unit to measure electrical current, rather than the voltage. The high amp can cause serious injuries, even death. Therefore, to protect yourself and your family, stay away from all batteries. Even a tiny 12-volt battery can be very harmful in the wrong hands.

Fun Fact #1

There is electricity present in our bodies too. Some organs include the heart, which pumps blood because of electricity. The ECG lines are electricity spikes that appear on the screen.

How Efficient Is Wearing Rubber Gloves?

Have you ever done an electrical project at home? The first thing anyone does before performing a job involving electrical work is remove watches, jewelry, and piercings. They are seen putting on rubber gloves and shoes because rubber is insulation. It is a well-thought safety precaution, but there is more to the story.

For rubber to insulate completely, it must be made of pure rubber. However, most rubber wear workers wear is processed rubber to introduce durability. Therefore, rubber add-ons might act as a conductor rather than an insulator. Before purchasing any precautionary equipment, do your research and read the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Power Line Insulation

We always hear that power lines are well insulated to protect the people. However, the wires are not insulated perfectly after all upon a closer look. Not enough plastic or rubber is used to insulate the power line, which can be incredibly harmful.

Furthermore, you are still required to avoid any tapered or insulated wires. These wires could be power lines or household wires connected to appliances too. Electricity is no joke, so always take extra precaution involving wiring and appliances.

Fun Fact #2

We have all wondered why birds don’t get electrocuted, and here is why. The birds don’t complete a circuit. Assuming the birds were to hold onto two different wires in each claw. In that case, the circuit would be complete and cause electrocution.

You may be wondering if that is the case. Then birds must be getting electrocuted left and right. They fly away safely because they do not touch the ground or contact a different power line.

Is Old Wiring Really Faulty?

People are always scared to get close to old wiring, thinking it might electrocute them. They automatically assume the wiring is faulty and dangerous. However, they don’t realize that new wiring is just as dangerous. There’s no clarification on the time frame. New wiring will go faulty just as soon.

Electrical wiring needs to be maintained regularly. Otherwise, its insulation and joints are likely to come loose. Furthermore, new wiring can deteriorate more quickly than old wiring in the presence of rodents or mice. Therefore, when you sense the wiring is faulty, ring up a professional from the utility bidder for an extensive assessment.

How To Flip a Breaker Properly?

Has a phase blown out at the house? The mind wanders to the worst when you see half the house is lit up while the remainder looks like the dead of night. We immediately flip the breaker switch to reset the electricity supply when that happens.

Let us tell you it is not a simple electrical game. Hold it firmly in the off position when attempting to reset the breaker. Then turn it back on to deal with any electrical issues. Be firm with the grip when you are turning it on. It is not “flipping,” as we all say.

Fun Fact #3

Electricity was discovered by William Gilbert, an English scientist, in 1600 AD. He performed various experiments on magnetism and electricity to present the concept of electricity to the public.

Breaker Tripping

The next myth related to electricity is the breaker tripping. None of the residents wish to encounter their breaker tripping. However, many households have discovered accidentally tripping over their breakers. Don’t worry. It is not a huge concern as it may seem.

The breaker is tripping to prevent overloaded costs. Otherwise, the entire system may blow out. Therefore, once the breaker trips, it prevents an unfortunate accident. It is keeping you safe, so there is nothing to worry about. However, suppose you are experiencing breaker tripping often. In that scenario, you may want to call an electrician because it employs faulty or subpar wiring.

Electricity Has Become Pivotal to Existence

Now that we put the myths to rest, we comprehend the concept of electricity better now. We understand how it travels and its limitations. The facts have expanded our knowledge of electricity, so we hope you find them helpful as well.

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