Best Computer Monitoring Software for Parents

Parents’ primary responsibility is to protect their kids from all types of threats, risks, and harm. The need emerges with the evolution of digital networks. The wide use of digital networks in the current age has posed serious implications to all age groups, and this can only be coped with using computer monitoring software.

More specifically, if we talk about kids, the Covid-19 outbreak has brought a significant change in life spending dynamics as a whole. Kids are using excessive internet because of switching of the academic activities to online mode.Sometimes complicated errors cannot be fixed by yourself , so you need a proper fix for reboot and select proper boot device

Threats to the kids in the digital age

The increased internet usage has not added to the good of the kids. They have become more prone to be targeted by the activities of cyber bullying, harassment, sex offending, and cyber predating.

These threats are affecting the moral, social, academic standing of the child badly. The kids who are victims of harassment and other like activities don’t participate in any co-curricular, extra-curricular, and social activities.

Their academic standing gets affected because they always keep on thinking about the on-goingissue.

  • Cyber bullying
  • Harassment
  • Sex offending
  • Cyber predating

So, the parents look to find an extensive mechanism that can protect the kid from these kinds of threats comprehensively.

These cyber criminal activities on kids find their traces most commonly in social networks. The unverified users over the social networks try to conceal their true intentions and look to get into kids’ circle; they look to know about their privacy and secrets. Later on,they use these details to blackmail and exploit them for personal and illegitimate gains.

So, the parents’ idea is to monitor their child’s online activities so that they may remain aware of any activity of such kind.

The best solution that is proposed to the parents is the use of computer monitoring software. A fine monitoring software tracks and records each and every bit of communication that is performed by the child over the target computer.

The best solution in this aspect is Theonespy. It is currently the best computer monitoring solution that is available to parents for spying on their kids. It can be installed on Mac and Windows operating systems.

Let’s have a look at the significant features of computer monitoring software,

Theonespy – Best computer monitoring software

Extensive social media monitoring

All the communication taking place through social media apps installed on computer can beextensively monitored. The group and individual chats, images and videos shared, and voice notes exchanged can be looked into with convenience.

This earns parents an added hand in maintaining the protection of the child. Going around the above-mentioned social media communication, the parent can identify any kind of criminal or offensive activity targeted at the child.

The harassing messages and threatening multimedia can be removed without any delay by the parent.

Keylogger feature identifies password

The keylogger feature of Theonespy allows identifying passwords of all the installed apps on the computer. This furnishes an added security layer to the kid. All the communication performed by the child can be actively monitored.

Online and offline tracking

The software tracks all the computer activities even if the target computer is not connected to the internet. The software records all the offline activities in the log file, and the file can be monitored at any point of time.

Screen recording facility

The screen recording feature of the computer monitoring software allows recording live performing screen activities at any point of time. This provides a fair about the pattern of activities to the parent.

Surround recording facility

This feature of Theonespy seriously turned the tabled around. The feature works by bugging mic or front camera of the target computer, providing a fair insight into the real-time happenings and whereabouts of the kid.

Website blocking feature

This feature allows blocking a number of websites that are prone to have the presence of cyber criminals. They can also include websites that contain inappropriate and sexually explicit content. Get help from sexual harassment lawyers kansas city to handle this kind of cases.


The threats of digital networks to the kids are discussed, and the solution to cope with them is proposed. The best solution to address these issues is to use computer monitoring software, and the best software is Theonespy.

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