Recording Calls On Android Using Secret Call Recorder

The use of mobile phones has posed massive convenience to the lives of human beings. Communication, networking, and connecting around have become greatly convenient for individuals as well as enterprises.

But as we know, there are merits and demerits to every situation we get in. Mobile phones have furnished a deal of insecurity to the kids and businesses in few aspects.

Impacts on kids’ activities

The parents are observing compromised security of their kids due to the usage of android phones as they are in abundance globally. The kids are accessed by the criminals over the cell phones.

They connect with the kids most commonly through social networks and try to get into their lives to know their secrets. These criminals pretend as their friends and well-wishers.

They do all this to include the kids in the criminal activities so that they may not be exposed to the problems and threats. They use the kids as their shields from getting caught in criminal charges.

On the other side, there is another aspect to the story as well. A few kids that do not find their pocket money and financial condition as appropriate as they want are more prone to become a part of such criminal communities and network because the financial output from such activities appeal them.

The activities include robbing other on the roadside, gambling in the casinos, drug addiction, and much more. The major proportion of the communication between the child and criminals is executed through phone calls because kids perceive that they won’t get caught.

So, the primary obligation of the parents is to have a strong monitoring mechanism that can record and monitor all the activities and whereabouts of the child in an efficient manner.

Impacts on business standing

Employers always consider the performance and loyalty of their employees as the decisive factor in the success or failure of their businesses. It is observed that a few employees are not loyal to their work and organizations that they can share deep side secrets of the enterprise with competitors or other compromised individuals.

The major proportion of this communication is done through VoIP or video calls of social networks and phone calls. Whatsapp, Viber, and Facebook are the social networks that are most widely used for the execution of such illegitimate activities.

Thus the employers’ objective is to have an extensive mechanism in place that can cope with this type of issue without any hassle.

OgyMogy – Addressing the concerns of employers and parent

Plenty of secret call recorder services are in place that seeks to record the voice conversations among the users. But many of them offer no real deal in addressing and serving the problems of the end-users.

OgyMogy is the best service right now that actively allows listening to and recording all the phone and VoIP and video calls among the users.

The secret call recorder can be installed on the android phones of the target user subject to purchasing a subscription and physical access to the target phone. The spy app furnishes other monitoring services as well and provides Mac and Windows spying solutions.

We will have a look at the salient features of the app.

OgyMogy – Phone call recording

The secret call recorder can spy on all the phone calls made or received on the target phone. The parent or employer can listen to these calls in real-time. These calls can be recorded and saved for later reference if the end-user is not available to monitor upfront.

This earns the parent and employer a fair insight into all the patterns of activities of the child or employee to protect the respective interest.

Recording and listening to VoIP and video calls

The end-user can record all listen to all the VoIP and video calls made or received through social networks. If a connection is compromised for a child or business security, the end-user can clock these certain connections to communicate with the child in the future.


The need for secret call recorder for employers and parents is discussed in detail. The best application providing this service is OgyMogy. It records all the calls of the target android device.

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