What to Do When You Experience Communication Signal Loss

Are you aware that the communications industry is worth $2,713 billion?

Whether you’re in a normal civilian situation or in the middle of a military operation, maintaining a strong and reliable signal is essential. If the signal is lost, it can be easy to panic. Fortunately, there are tried and true strategies you can put to use.

Are you wondering what can be done? Keep reading to learn all about what you need to do when experiencing communication signal loss.

Assess the Technology

If something goes wrong and you have a lost signal, it’s important to keep your cool and start by assessing the technology. It could be that the signal is still out there and that the problem lies with your tech. One of the simplest solutions you can try first is turning your signal receiver off for a short period of time before turning it back on again.

It may even be necessary to turn off the entire device and then turn it back on. This can troubleshoot any issues that might have cropped up within the device itself. If it doesn’t work, then it may be an external issue, such as too much traffic from other devices.


Another possibility is that you’re in an area in which the signal is being blocked or corrupted in some way. From materials to a lack of satellites, there are many external elements that can work against you and cause lost communication.

Low-tinted glass and metal building materials are a couple of the most common culprits.

In this situation, you might have to physically relocate to a place that doesn’t have any of these elements. At that point, the signal should become available again. The one other possibility is that you’re experiencing a jammed signal.

If you’re using radio, for instance, the fix could be as easy as switching to a higher or lower frequency.

Employ a Failsafe

In a military situation, you could have enemies who are actively jamming signals as a way to sabotage operations. The good news is that there are tools that can prevent jamming or fight against it.

Whether it’s a military situation or a medical emergency, it’s a good idea to have this technology on hand so that you can avoid communications jams and save as many lives as possible.

To be better prepared, it’s crucial to learn about jamming specifications.

Are You Ready to Handle Signal Loss?

Now that you’ve learned all about what to do when experiencing communication signal loss, you won’t have to leave yourself and everyone else in the dark. When lives are on the line, every single second counts. That’s why you should always be prepared for every situation.

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