Best Link Building Strategies for SEO

Link building refers to the process of building one-way backlinks or hyperlinks to different websites with the target to improve their visibility on search engines. Backlinks work as a really crucial part of any SEO strategy, but you can’t just set up backlinks and forget about them. You’ll have to keep tabs on them continuously and keep updating them. With time backlinks can get harmful, can become less relevant, or they can just simply disappear. So, it’s important that you keep finding new backlink opportunities continuously so that your search engine ranking remains high.

There are many different link-building strategies that people usually go for. Some of the common strategies for link building are content marketing, email outreach, building useful tools, broken link building, public relations, etc. For improving your off page SEO, you can go for some interesting and creative link-building strategies too. Let’s have a look at some of the link building strategies for SEO that you can go for-

1.  Replicating the SEO Backlinks of Your Competitors

If you can figure out the websites that are linking to your competitors, it will be a great advantage for you. The backlinks of your competitors will be on specific sites that are relevant to your website, so they’ll be quality backlinks for your SEO without any doubt. After you find out and analyze the backlink profiles of your competitors, you can try picking the best options among them. You can reach out to those sites and see if they will like to link your site. It can be a great opportunity for you to improve your SEO through quality backlinks. However, make sure beforehand if your site already has backlinks from those sites or not.

2.  Using the Strategy of Broken Link Building

You can use the process of broken link building to find backlinks that direct to 404 pages of other sites. You can then contact those specific sites, and suggest that they replace the 404 links with proper links that lead to similar pages of your site. This is a highly effective way to get backlinks, and in this manner, you can also offer value to the websites that are providing you with the backlinks.

For finding broken backlinks, you can use a proper backlink analysis tool that will help you find high-authority backlinks that are showing 404 errors. Also, if there are particular sites from which you want backlinks, you can try analyzing those sites to see if they have relevant broken links. If you can offer relevant replacements for those broken links, offer them to those sites. You can also try creating new content to offer them if you consider those backlinks to be valuable enough.

Also, make sure to have transparency with the sites that you are reaching out to. Make them know that the relevant replacement you are suggesting is from your website, so you are getting something in return here.

3.  Regaining Missing Backlinks

Apart from spending time to get new backlinks for your site, you can also try and figure out the missing or broken backlinks among the ones that you previously had. You can easily find the missing and broken backlinks that your site has by using different tools like Ahrefs, SEO SpyGlass, etc.

Your links can disappear for various reasons, like-

  • The site replacing your link with another one, hence it’s missing
  • The backlink page might have been gone, hence the page is shown as not found
  • The website is down at the given moment
  • The page is restricted by Google from indexing

You can contact the sites to restore your missing backlinks. Based on the problem, you can ask for their help in placing your link on a different page, restoring the deleted backlink, or removing the non-index directives they have on their pages.

4.  Building Links by Using Images

As images can easily grab the attention of visitors, people tend to click on them a lot. That’s why it is a great strategy to create images such as product photos, graphics, infographics, comics, etc., and promote them to attract more backlinks.

However, it’s important for you to make sure while using images as backlinks that the link points to the comprehensive page that the image lives on. If the link directs to the image directory, all the traffic will be wasted, as image directory links are basically dead-ends. Image directory links end in .jpg, .png, .gif, etc. You can try setting up filters in the SEO tool you are using to see if any of your target URLs are containing image formats. It will help you find if any of your backlinks is leading to image directories.

If you see any of your backlinks leading to image directory links, you can ask the site to change that link and replace it with the ones that will direct to the page with that particular image. You can also search through Google Images to find if anyone has your images on their site. If you find any such sites that are credible and you are alright with them using your images, make sure to ask them to add your link. If the site is not credible enough, you can ask them to take your image down.

5.  Writing Guest Posts

You can make your brand reach out to new audiences, and boost its credibility through guest posts. If you manage to include a link to your site within the guest posts you have created, it can work as a highly effective SEO strategy. So, make sure to create great content that will work as guest posts and work to build the credibility of your brand and create a new audience base for you. Also, at the same time, bring in new traffic to your site and help you improve your SEO a lot. All the organic traffic you’ll get through your guest posts will help your site rank a lot higher in the search engines.

Final Words

When it comes to the optimization of your site for search engines, it is important that you go for all the effective and necessary strategies to make your SEO campaign a successful one. Backlinking or link-building is a crucial part of SEO for any site, and without proper backlinks, it is really difficult for a site to do well in terms of generating traffic and ranking higher on search engines. If you manage to follow proper and effective strategies and create potential and functional backlinks, it will do wonders for the SEO of your site. So, make sure to go through the above mentioned link-building strategies and more.


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