Best Tracking Apps for Parents: Top Programs for iPhone and Android

Each year, 800,000 children are reported missing in America! What is more, 35% of the active missing person records are juveniles under 18. With such figures, parents are concerned with the safety of the children, especially when they are out of sight. Thankfully, current technologies have generated cell phone tracker apps that can help protect youngsters by revealing their locations. The technologies also allow parents to monitor their children’s internet behavior and interactions.

Should Parents Use Tracking Apps?

Parents who opt to install a tracking app on their child’s phone may question if they are acting appropriately. On the one hand, it is critical to trust children and allow them to make their own choices. On the other hand, while you may trust your kids, there is no assurance that others will respect them as well. You can also read about how to keep your children safe online for more details.

That is why tracking devices are so crucial and could save the child’s life in an emergency. Furthermore, you won’t have to supervise every move they make because the app will handle everything. There’s nothing better than knowing that there is an app always available to assist you.

How Do Parental Tracking Apps Work?

To begin monitoring, you must first download a phone tracker app from Google Play or the app website to the gadget you wish to monitor and manage.

After installing the app, you must create an account. You must also install the software on your personal device. After downloading, installing, and registering the program, you may now conduct a variety of operations, including:

  1. Time Restrictions: It limits the amount of time children may use a given app.
  2. Payment Blocking: This function allows you to restrict your children from making any type of payment, including in the applications they will download.
  3. Location Monitoring: With this function, you can follow your child’s device’s geographic location and know precisely where they are.
  4. Text and Call Surveillance: This feature allows the program to track inbound and outbound texts and phone calls from your child’s phone.
  5. Content Filtering: This feature enables the app to filter and limit the information that is improper for children.

Free Tracking Apps for Parents

Tracking apps for parents include a variety of features that may be used to keep your baby safe both online and offline.

Several location tracking apps for parents have GPS tracking technology, allowing you to see your child’s whereabouts in real-time. The applications are simple to install on both your smartphone and your children’s devices.

Luckily, you don’t need to spend much, if any, money on it because there are several free Android and iPhone tracking apps for parents. They are frequently restricted in terms of capabilities in comparison to the full version. However, free phone tracking apps for parents are a great place to start when it comes to safeguarding your children.

Best Tracking Apps for Parents

If you are convinced that you need to install a parental control app on your child’s mobile device, it is essential to choose one that will meet your needs. However, the influx of these phone tracking apps makes it difficult to choose what works for you. For this reason, we have chosen the top tracking apps for parents on the market to help you decide. They are: 

Life360: The Best Location Tracking App for Parents

For families that wish to stay connected, Life360 is an excellent kids’ tracking software for both parents and other family members. Life360 is ideal for worried parents who want to know where their kids are at all times. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. 

On that child phone, install the software and create a private, invite-only family circle. This means you have control over who has access to the app, how it records your child’s travels, and how location alerts are customized. 

Parents and kids, as well as others individuals in the circle, may also use the application to send quiet alarms to one another, the police, and additional emergency contacts. 

GEOfinder: Incredible Location Tracking App for Parents

GEOfinder is your perfect parental control choice if you want to monitor your children’s cell phone location so you can know their precise whereabouts without them knowing.

Once you have installed GEOfinder on your smartphone and linked it to the child phone with their mobile number, you can: 

  1. Track the target individual’s current position on the map.
  2. Sync positions.
  3. Display the target device’s position history.
  4. Determine an individual’s specific position without physically accessing their device.
  5. Receive location monitoring notifications every three hours.

With these capabilities, GEOfinder is among the best hidden tracking apps to have. GEOfinder is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

eyeZy: Parental Tracking App for iPhone

eyeZy is a sophisticated family locator software that provides parents with a plethora of information regarding their children’s gadget usage. It is one of the best cell phone tracker apps. You can use eyeZy’s web-based interface to monitor location, messaging, photographs, social media, and other activities.

eyeZy can help achieve these aims by informing parents about their children’s location, social interactions, online browsing, and other activities.

Features include:

  1. Call log viewing.
  2. Call blocking.
  3. Message access.
  4. Access to all common messengers, such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, and Line.

This app is available on Android, iPad, and iPhone. 

FamiSafe: Cell Phone Tracking App

FamiSafe is a great tool for tracking your child’s phone location, geofences, monitoring and disabling family locator apps, web content screening, and virtual screen time controls. The FamiSafe family monitoring software allows you to keep track of your family. If you really want to ensure that your youngster arrives at an event without being interrupted, you may conduct a fast location verification from your phone and computers.

The app is available for iPhone, Android, and iPad.


  • With FamiSafe, you can follow the targeted device’s real-time position and view its location history.
  • Limit screen time in specified settings, such as schools.

Verizon Smart Family: Android App for Parental Tracking

Verizon Smart Family is one of the android app development services for parental tracking apps. The app provides location services as well as parental settings for all smartphones in your family. If you have a Smart Family Premium plan, your kid will get a monthly reminder that their geolocation is being revealed.

You may share the location with your other lines or every family member on your Smart Family account with a Smart Family Premium.

Location tracking may be enabled and disabled in the Settings section of the Verizon Smart Family application or even on the “My Verizon” website. The app is compatible with Android, iPad, and iPhone. 


It is critical to keep your children safe both online and offline, especially when they receive their maiden smartphone. You must maintain track of your child’s internet activity in this day and age to protect them against online predators and misleading information, as well as prevent them from being cyber-bullied. Cell phone tracking apps for parents will help you achieve this. 


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