How to Reduce Data Consumption While Traveling Abroad

It’s time for your next trip. You are getting ready, making plans, downloading travel maps, and saving contact information on your smartphone. We are more than ever dependent on our mobile devices. Moreover, whatever you want to do and check while traveling you will need a data connection.

The roaming charges can be more expensive out of your country. This expanse may be out of your budget. In the background, our phones save more data than we think.

So, how to reduce data consumption while traveling abroad? However, these days it can be difficult to save data. Luckily, we have plenty of options on how to monitor and save your data usage.

Use Web Browsers that Compress Data

Everyday web pages are expanding in their size and they consume more data. More web browsers increase the consumption of data usage. If you are searching on these web browsers while traveling this can boost your data consumption.

Fortunately, some web browsers have optimized internet consumption. Further, it’s great that apart from saving the data usage from these web browsers it is characteristic that they are really quick. So, you can spend little data and get desired information quickly. For example, one of the best web browsers that compress data on Android is Opera Mini.

Download Apps that Can Work Offline

The easiest way to save data is to download apps that can work offline. The apps that can work offline can save you from additional expenses. Also, they can keep you entertained during your long flight or car ride.

The great news is that there are plenty of apps which you can use without any data usage. Moreover, for traveling the most mobile application that you can use without the internet is Google Maps. For example, while you are online you can download your traveling maps and you are ready for your trip. Further, other apps that you can entertain while on your trip are Spotify, Netflix, and Youtube.

Use sim-only deals

Sim-only deals are the best options for using data while you are abroad. Without any mobile or other device, you can just buy a sim card with data on it. In other words, sim only deals with flexible contracts.

Generally, on the market, you can find many sim-only deals which are offering different conditions. So, the sim-only deals are perfect for traveling because they are extra value for your money. Also, you can use it on your phone and cancel any time you want. Moreover, the sim-only deals have great network coverage.

Before traveling, search for the best offers for sim-only deals. Don’t hesitate to buy one of them. These sim-only deals will make your trip much simpler with constant data access.

Block approach the background data

Another practical way to save your data is to properly block the background data. On our phones, we have so many apps that compress data that we don’t count it. So, before you travel, restrict and reduce this background data.

For example, on your Android phone, you need to go to Setting. Then, you should choose Network and mobile network. There you should tap data usage and turn off the background data.

Unable updates

When you are connected to the data, your apps without permission can make some updates. These updates can increase your data consumption. The Android devices automatically make updates to all of your apps. Further, without your knowledge, you will use more data.

Also, it’s important before you start using the data to switch off the updates. Moreover, this will save more data than you expect.


Traveling abroad is an exciting part of our lives. Generally, everyone wants to have some data access to entertain themselves on their device or for posting some pictures. So, you don’t need extra worries about the data. With these tips and tricks, you can stay online without fear of additional costs. You just need to find the most convenient option for you. Whether you choose some of the offline apps or one of the sim-only deals, you won’t be wrong.


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