Common Irish Slot Themes

When we think of Spain, we think of sun, beaches, and tapas. When we think of America, we think of massive roads, big cities, and burgers. But when it comes to Ireland, what are the main stereotypes that we tend to draw?

Ireland is rich with beautiful scenery that has grass greener than you could imagine, incredible folklore tales that are charming and witty, and, most importantly, we tend to think of a big and cloudy pint of the best Guinness!

Although these are obviously stereotypes that are not even nearly, Irish-themed games tend to adapt these features into their betting machines. As soon as you enter a casino, it would be impossible to not immediately see at least one Irish-themed slot machine because they are simply so popular. But what makes Irish-themed online slots real money games so popular and what are the most common?

What are the Most Common Attributes of an Irish-themed Slot Machine?

Before we get going, it is important to note that Irish-themed slots tend to all follow a similar structure whereby they accentuate the common theme of Irish folklore. Don’t ask us why they all love the theme, but they do!

If you have been playing slots for a while now, you will be able to recognise any of these features of an Irish themed slot game:

·         Leprechauns – Our humble little charming being will tend to guide you through your Irish-themed slot game in the hopes of finding some gold with you! These devilish creatures can be most pleasant, or, if they feel like it, can cause havoc and mayhem that might set your course off track.

·         Pots of Gold – What is it that you find at the bottom of a rainbow? Well, it has to be a massive pot of gold! If you are lucky enough to navigate your way successfully through an Irish-themed slot game, then you are definitely going to be scoring a heap of gold coins.

·         Shamrocks – Shamrocks, or four-leafed clovers, have been an important part of Irish culture for millennia now and they certainly hold up in slot games. They are the luck bringers of Irish folklore, so you had better hang onto one if you want to be in the running for winning that pot of gold.

What are the best Common Irish Slot Themed Games to Play?

Due to the abundance of Irish-themed slot games, there is a lot of variety in the minutia of the games. Where the imagery and graphics may begin to look a bit similar, Irish-themed slot games have so many different ways to play.

Depending on your preferences and how you take on the slots, you could try your hand at any of these common varieties in Irish themed slots:

1.       High or low volatility slot games

2.       Progressive jackpot Irish themed slots that have massive prizes

3.       Ranging RTP

So, however you play slot games, if you are a risk-taker or not, there will always be an Irish-themed slot game for you!


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