Company Swag Ideas Employees Will Love

Your employees are your bread and butter. They keep your company going when things go south. It’s important to show them you appreciate all the hard work they put in.

One of the best ways to go about it is with a company swag pack. Everyone enjoys getting free stuff if it’s free stuff that they can use.

You’ll need to do more to honor those who go above and beyond than give them a cheap mug and custom socks. We can help you find out what to put in your packs. Keep reading for a few company swag ideas that your workers will love.

Work From Home Packs

With advances in technology, people can work from anywhere. That means you get to expand the talent pool you grab from by hiring employees from all over the world.

These workers will appreciate receiving items that will make the work from home process a bit easier for them. Provide them with notebooks they can use to take notes during Zoom meetings.

A cable organizer will prevent all their wires from getting jumbled and messy. Mousepads are essential to any home office setup, and a selfie light ring will have them looking fantastic on camera.


Do you remember when you received a pair of socks on Christmas when you were a child? It’s a complete waste of a present, after all, you can’t play with socks!

As an adult, every employee wants clothing, but you need to go beyond t-shirts and baseball caps. Providing your workers with neon-colored beanies and uniquely shaped sunglasses will fill your employees with a sense of solidarity.

Yes, they’re part of the company that wears bright green beanies and they’re proud of it! Giving your workers flashy accessories to wear also helps you from a marketing standpoint.

When people on the street see your logo and company name printed out in sparkling sequins they’re sure to remember it.

Tech Accessories

Tech accessories are super helpful and there are many items that people don’t think to get themselves, such as a custom tile that will prevent them from forgetting their keys when they leave their house.

You can buy them a sleeve that will adhere to the back of their phone. It can house their credit cards and license, so they don’t have to carry their wallet around with them everywhere.


Everyone needs a self-care day every now and again. While you might not be able to gift your employees with a day at the spa, you can give them a custom eye mask that will allow them to sleep through the morning without any interruptions from the sun.

Custom chapstick and soap bars will help them take care of their skin. Stone rollers are a miracle on the eyelids after spending an entire day looking at screens.

Company Swag Ideas Your Employees Will Love

Are you trying to show your employees that you care? The best way to go about it is with company swag. Giving your workers unique branded items that they can actually use will establish loyalty.

There’s no one who doesn’t love getting free stuff! For more ways to keep your employees happy and healthy, visit the Business section of our blog.


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