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3 Stunning Suunto Wristwatches You Need to Buy Today!

Suppose you are a fan of traditional luxury watches. In that case, you might want to consider another watch type that will offer groundbreaking features that you can never find in a traditional timepiece. This type is no other than the smartwatch. You must get one if you consider yourself an athlete or health buff who regularly needs fitness tracking or an outdoor enthusiast living the life of adventure.

If you are in the market for a smartwatch, especially ones that never compromise in the aspect of luxury, Suunto will be your best bet. The company has been creating iconic digital watches, like the Suunto 9 Baro White. Their timepieces will never disappoint athletes and fitness buffs alike, so sit tight as we run down on the three stunning watches you should buy from Suunto!

1. The Suunto Seven White Burgundy

The Suunto wristwatch brand is the first timepiece that you may check out from this list. This timepiece with the model number SS050380000 comes with a round shape of 50 millimeters. According to most wristwatch enthusiasts, it may be one of the best ones from their wristwatch collection to consider. 


The best thing that will take your attention is the unique material of Glass-fiber reinforced polyamide. It also has silicone material for its band. It is made with those materials because it is a luxury watch that allows you to do many activities. Given that this is a luxury watch, It does not focus its functionalities on providing time.


This timepiece may come as less sturdy than most of your wristwatches in the market. However, this comes with diverse functionalities that allow you to face different activities confidently. Suppose that you are having second thoughts in purchasing this timepiece. You will be confidently purchasing this timepiece with a two-year international warranty.

2. The Suunto Seven All Black

The following timepiece is the Suunto seven all-black wristwatch. This timepiece comes with a different approach from the previous timepiece. The choice of black color gives its overall appearance to be suitable for men. It can also easily be paired with other daily outfits, given its simple design and overall vibe that comes with it.


Although, most individuals that are purchasing this timepiece are gentlemen. It is a unisex timepiece suitable to wear for both men and women. It also comes with a glass fiber reinforced polyamide with a round shape of 50 millimeters. In addition, you will also enjoy the silicone material for its band, which can provide the best comfort you can wish for your next timepiece.


You can wear this timepiece on rainy days or even take a quick dive in a pool. You do not have to worry about your timepiece, as this comes with water resistance. One of the best features of this timepiece is the water-resistance of 50 meters. Hence, the overall advantage of this timepiece from the other luxury timepiece from the market.

3. The Suunto Seven Graphite Copper

Many individuals know the Suunto Seven Graphite Cooper as the model number SS0503820000. This timepiece will be our next wristwatch to discuss whether it is a good purchase or not. One of the best things that come with this timepiece is the versatility available for both genders, and it is a unisex watch that men and women would wear.

Although this timepiece is a luxury wristwatch, you will have a compact watch. It comes with glass fiber reinforced polyamide material to ensure that you have a quality dial for this timepiece. The silicone band also adds an inevitable addition to the comfort that you will be experiencing once you have worn this timepiece.

Overall, this timepiece is one of the steals from this list that you should check upon Today’s market. It also offers you a two-year international warranty to ensure that this timepiece will last for years to come. It is also advisable to purchase timepieces with warranties, as this will give you the comfort of having a guaranteed quality timepiece.

4. Avoid Scams: Buy From Trustworthy Stores

Nowadays, it is more convenient to buy online, especially if you don’t have the time to visit a physical store. Thankfully, you may buy your next Suunto smartwatch with confidence from trusted online shops like, where you can score brand new watches sourced from official manufacturers. Remember that it’s possible to shop with confidence and convenience with recognized online stores.


Suppose that you have decided on purchasing your first luxury timepiece from the market. It is advisable to choose your next watch and browse through numerous wristwatches. You should check every wristwatch brand available and review some of the comments about their brand.

You can decide on purchasing your next timepiece when browsed through a certain amount of timepieces. However, a specific watch will have a different design and function. Hence, checking the ability of a wristwatch before purchasing could be a vital aspect in choosing your next timepiece.

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