Customized Coverage Options That Offer a Peace of Mind and Affordability

Having a legal team of professionals by one’s side helps one receive reliable legal aid services whenever one faces legal issues. The litigation team of experts handles various legal issues while protecting the rights of their clients. U.S. LawShield provides essential coverage at an affordable price and comes with numerous benefits, which an individual appreciates as being part of the legal team. Whether criminal or civil proceedings, the concealed carry insurance legal team will offer thorough representation to plead their clients’ cases. 

The coverage offers several advantages to the beneficiary, making them appreciate their decision to work with legal experts. First, one receives a 24/7 attorney-answered emergency hotline, which enables them to get assistance whenever they call in, be it day or night, holiday or weekend. Also, one gets unlimited civil and criminal defense coverage that includes all legal weapons when one feels the need to use them to save their life when in danger. Additionally, state-specific law updates, videos, and online resources keep individuals informed about their rights. Also, there is the possibility to customize the coverage in the following ways, depending on what works best for an individual. 

Gun owner identity theft coverage

As a registered gun owner, the worst thing that can happen is having your gun and ID stolen, which exposes you to criminal charges. The stolen property might get used in criminal activities, which the valid owner is unaware of, leaving one compromised. Concealed carry insurance allows on to customer their coverage. It incorporates the gun owner’s identity theft coverage, which protects their name and rights, but it is only available in certain states. 

Multi-state protection

Coverage membership, in most cases, gets limited to within a given state or jurisdiction, which might sometimes fail to work to the beneficiary’s benefit. The customization option on the cover allows one to extend their membership power outside the state and even include the entire country. The extension further enhances the benefits one gets from the coverage, which is very affordable at a fee of $10.95 per month. 

Minor children protection

Minor children require immediate care and attention to protect them from harsh external factors that could cause them harm. The concealed carry insurance coverage allows for minor child coverage extension and protects the children while at home, on the beneficiary’s property, or even on the playground. The add-on significantly improves the care and protection offered to minor children, making them safer and more protected. 

Bail bond and expert witness

Sometimes one might get caught in legal tussles that require the payment of a bond for one to be released from custody. The concealed carry insurance allows for the bail and bond add-on in the states where it is allowed, and the beneficiaries receive bind fee protection for bail of up to $50,000. Also, there is the provision of an expert witness at trial to further the case in favor of the insurance beneficiary. 

Hunter and angler regulatory assistance

Hunting and fishing laws keep changing from time to time and are pretty complex to understand without the assistance of a legal expert. Through the selection of HunterShield, one gets additional coverage that is uniquely made for the issues that anglers and hunters face. As a hunter, one benefits immensely from the add-on, which protects them while hunting out in the woods or fishing in the waters. However, the hunter and angler regulatory assistance only applies in some states. 

Affordable payment options

The coverage provided comes with flexible payments so as not to strain the beneficiary financially. There are affordable monthly, and annual payment plans and they come with numerous benefits. For instance, if one selects the dual membership option for themselves or another family member, then choosing the annual payment plan enables them to get savings over the monthly rate. However, the discount isn’t available in CA and MS. 


A qualified and experienced law firm like U.S. LawShield ensures that you are protected, prepared, and defended. Through coverage and various add-ons, one gets legal aid to tackle legal battles they may find themselves in. Additionally, the financial responsibility isn’t heavy on the coverage beneficiary, making it easy for individuals to seek the services without any financial strains. 


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