Data Rooms: Elevated Portals for Board Members

Providing senior corporate executives and the board of directors a secure place to share confidential documents impacts businesses in all industries. A virtual dataroom (VDR) offers such a space and serves best as a board portal. The software creates a powerful portal that lets your board of directors do their jobs faster and more efficiently. Here’s why VDRs serve as the best portals for board members:

Time-tested Secure Board Portal

Modern companies and organizations should meet bulk and complex compliance standards that come with increased security risks. To minimize the risks and simplify due diligence processes, having the best dataroom software should be a high priority. The technology provides a highly secure board portal for corporate leaders to share sensitive documents like:

  • Financial statements
  • Legal and HR issues
  • IP status
  • Market analytics

A virtual dataroom enables corporations to meet strict compliance standards by offering bank-grade security. It features robust and highly-encrypted firewalls that withstand network breaches and prevent cyber security threats. The platform provides excellent data protection at all levels through:

  • Document encryption
  • User authentication
  • Automatic document shredding upon download
  • Access rights controls

Exceptional Levels of Document Security

VDRs give Board Portal administrators the utmost control and granularity over the usage of sensitive documents. The portal lets administrators enforce and maintain strict security measures to govern what third parties or reviewers can see and do. Some of these document security controls include:

  • Limiting documents to only view, print, and download
  • Adding tamper-proof watermarks on sensitive documents and videos
  • Blocking documents from getting printed
  • Restricting screenshots and screen scraping
  • Encrypting downloads
  • Limiting offline document access
  • Setting expiry for confidential documents

These protective measures apply to multiple documents, folders, or a single document as desired. Board Portal administrators will enjoy maximum flexibility to suit their desire for convenient access to data.

VDR for Board Portals protects all sensitive documents using bank-grade security. It provides a detailed audit trail on user activity on every page, from access to usage. These audit trails offer corporate executives valuable insights into a third party’s interests.

The audit trails provide data analytics on who viewed which document, at what time, for how long, and what they did with it. With such abilities, the board can take immediate action if the document lands in the wrong hands. This helps protect confidential corporate data while fulfilling compliance and regulatory transparency requirements.

Each portal executive and board members gain password-protected access to any document. They can view current and shredded documents from anywhere, at any time, and from any authorized device.

Efficient Board Portal Administration

A dataroom offers an easy-to-use interface and collaborative tools in the boardroom and beyond. Administrators use drag-and-drop tools to simplify their document-sharing processes, including creating document folders.

Built-in features like auto-unzip and auto-conversion make document organization simpler and faster. They unpack larger zip files and easily convert everything to PDF format. Administrators will spend less energy and time uploading, organizing, and sharing files and have free time for analytics and security. They can complete multiple administrative tasks such as:

  • Assigning duties
  • Voting
  • Tracking action items
  • Giving presentations
  • Providing electronic signatures
  • Scheduling meetings

Easy-to-Use Boardroom Portal Solution

VDR Board Portals give corporate executives instant and easy access to all documents from anywhere, on any device, and when they want. This lets them prepare aptly for more-effective and well-informed decision-making.

A dataroom offers advanced smart features that make finding documents easy and fast. An administrator enters a keyword, date, author, or subject to find the document needed in seconds. They can use specific shortcuts to see recently viewed documents, saving time and effort.

VDR platforms enable board members to easily opt in and out of the boardroom to find the documents they want. Administrators monitor and see if they viewed the document and what they did with it using the platform’s detailed analytics.

The software allows administrators to set expiry dates on specific confidential documents. Such deadlines encourage board members to view them sooner rather than later. They may also set the document to be accessible and downloadable for offline use within a specified period to enhance security.

Get a Free Dataroom Trial Today

VDR board portals are a dedicated space for company directors to keep sensitive documents and business dealings safe. They offer bank-grade security, an encrypted network, and exceptional document controls to prevent confidential data from getting into the wrong hands. With the best dataroom, board members can work faster and more efficiently.


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