Divock Origi’s Showdown Card In FIFA 22 Has Been Upgraded With Insane Stats

The Carabao Cup final between Chelsea and Liverpool on Sunday was one of the best ever seen in the competition’s history. All of the elements were present – drama, disallowed goals, contentious decisions, and a penalty shootout that lasted until the goalkeepers were removed from the game.

Players of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team were keeping an eye out for who would emerge victorious in the midst of the chaos, thanks to a Showdown Squad Builder Challenge (SBC) that was made available last Wednesday in the game. Fans who were able to complete Origi will have been overjoyed with the outcome. Buy FIFA 22 Coins from, constant delivery, and a safe deal!

The SBC is a governing body

The Squad Building Challenge (SBC) featured Mason Mount of Chelsea against Divock Origi of Liverpool, with both cards requiring an 83 and an 85 rated squad to be completed.

In particular, the Origi looked absolutely outstanding, even before the initial upgrade, and with that value – if you owned a Premier League team, it should have been a no-brainer to complete his signing.

With Liverpool’s dramatic penalty shootout victory, Origi has been elevated to the next level and is now considered to be one of the best strikers in the Premier League, if not the best, FIFA Coins will also help you make a good performance in the FIFA 22.

The Upgrading Process

So here’s Origi’s brand new trading card. This is mind-blowing.

The numbers are as follows:

97 mph is the average speed
Shooting – 91 points
82 for passing

90 for dribbling                           

34 for defending
Physically fit – 89

Some of his most impressive in-game stats include his blistering 99 sprint speed and 96 acceleration, his insane shot power, and, surprisingly, his agility of 88 for such a stocky and tall striker as the Belgian.

This Origi card is now, in my opinion, the ideal striker to have. He has excellent connections because he plays in the Premier League for Liverpool – not to mention that he is Belgian – and he possesses four-star abilities as well as a four-star weak foot.

Did you complete the SBC for the Belgian strikers?

The disappointment of anyone who did not complete the SBC will be palpable because, at 130K, the Divock Origi Showdown SBC was a complete steal of a deal.


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