Does Big Meech Have a Wife? Exploring BMF Founder’s Family

It’s no secret that rapper Big Meech has addiction issues. It’s also common knowledge that drug abuse is the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 24. So, it was with great relief when social media posts from Big Meech’s wife claimed he had been sober for six months.

It seems like she used a three-step approach to help her husband get his life back on track: building a new life, making healthy lifestyle choices, and finding an outlet for his emotions. These are three ways that you can use to keep your loved one on the straight and narrow path.

Drug Abuse

The Leading Cause of Death for People Between the Ages of 15 and 24. Drug abuse is a problem in our country, but not just for adults. Young people are also at risk. Drug abuse is the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 24. It’s dangerous because it can lead to addiction, which can be an incredible burden on a person’s loved ones.

The best way to help someone who struggles with drug addiction is to use a three-step approach. First, you need to build up a new life by providing an emotional outlet and making healthy lifestyle choices. Second, you need to find a way to make them accountable for their actions. Finally, you need to make sure that they have resources available if they relapse or want help getting clean again. Without this three-step approach, it may be impossible for your loved one to escape the grip of drug addiction.

What Big Meech’s Did?

Big Meech’s wife helped her husband get clean by finding new ways to build a life, making healthy lifestyle choices, and finding an outlet for his emotions.

Find New Ways to Build a Life:

When you’re dealing with addiction of any kind, one of the first things that you need to do is build a life that doesn’t revolve around drugs or alcohol. This can be done in a few different ways. You could find alternative activities to replace your loved one’s old habits. For example, if they were always drinking alcohol or taking drugs, you might introduce them to yoga, cooking classes, or rock climbing. Alternately, you could try to focus on their hobbies and interests that don’t include substances. If your loved one has always been interested in writing or painting art, those could be new ways for them to find enjoyment when they’re not high on drugs or alcohol

Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices: 

Making healthy lifestyle choices is also important in the recovery from addiction. It’s important for both the person with the addiction and the loved ones who are helping them through it. The healthier your life becomes without drugs or alcohol, the easier it will be for your loved ones to stay away from them. Healthy lifestyle choices also include eating well and exercising often if you can manage it. Who is Big Meech wife?

Find an Outlet for Emotions: 

The third step towards recovery is finding some way to deal with emotions besides abusing substances again like going running or meditating.

Building a New Life

One of the most difficult things for a person struggling with drug abuse is staying away from triggers. These are activities, behaviors, or places that can make them want to use again. Your loved one might need help finding new activities to do or places to go. You can create a list of all the factors that set off cravings and brainstorm ideas on how to avoid them. Some people find it helpful to stay away from alcohol and drugs altogether because they’re afraid of relapsing.

Healthy Living

There are many ways to combat drug abuse. One of them is to live a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating well and exercising regularly. After you’ve done this, your loved one may find that they have less energy for drugs, or that they no longer crave the high they once did.

You can also help your loved ones by making healthy choices with their food. For example, instead of going to a fast-food restaurant, you can make dinner at home. Additionally, having healthy snacks around the house will keep your loved one from indulging in junk food that could lead back to drug abuse. Staying active is another way to stay on track and away from drug abuse.

Find an Outlet for Emotions

Anger, stress, and other negative emotions are often the root cause of addiction. When you’re feeling frustrated with your life, you might turn to addictive substances or behaviors for relief. One of the best ways to avoid this cycle is by finding an outlet for your emotions.

When Big Meech wife found out he was cheating on her, it was a pivotal moment in their marriage. She realized that if they didn’t fix the problem then, it would only grow into something bigger. But she also knew that her husband needed an outlet for his emotions besides drugs and alcohol. So, she told him to go exercise. And now he has a new goal to work towards: getting in shape!

Here are some facts about The Black Mafia Family you might not know

1.) Does he have a wife?

  • There was an ongoing rumor circulating online that Mary Beth McDade.

2.) Is he gay?

  • It’s often speculated that Meach is gay based on two key pieces of evidence: one, sources close to Birdman claimed Baby directed Kevin Gates (formerly Lil Boosie) to pop [Meech] upside his head with my gun just like I popped you are [Drake].

3.) What kind of music did he listen to?

  • Evidence shows Baker received payments for songs such as Young Money’s Every Girl despite never appearing on record nor receiving credit for his work.
  • Federal prosecutors believe these illegal sales made up over half of BMF’s profits.

4.) How many kids did he have?

  • Although Meech and his wife had no biological children together
  • They share three boys including Meek Mill and Omari O-Dog Burks.


His mother died of natural causes when he was 11 years old, according to reports and interviews. At least we know for sure he does indeed have some type of family somewhere.

With drug addiction, it is often the family who suffers the most. But this does not have to be the case. One way to do this is by educating yourself on addiction and providing stress management techniques. We hope you get an answer to the question Who is Big Meech wife?


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