Email Drip Campaigns – Implementing Them For Your Company Effectively

An email drip campaign is an effective tool in reaching out to specific target audiences. These campaigns prove to be efficient in creating closed sales and increased revenue through a string of emails, commonly known as drips.

The email marketing agency sends prospective customers personalized, pre-written emails over a specific time. Drips are typically automated to maximize efficient reach. Companies use email drip campaign ideas to reach a specific contact audience. This approach leads them to different stages of development such as the prospect, lead, qualified lead and buyer, based on the response to drip emails.

The timing and the pattern of drip emails depend on the type of business, services, or products. There can be different campaigns. It can be a campaign to convert a visitor into a buyer. Existing customers can use campaigns to drive repeat purchases. There can be campaigns for vitalizing dormant customers.

Drip email campaigns – A powerful tool in Lead Development and Qualification

Drip email campaigns can be triggered when there is a contact. A contact is generated when someone engages in any of these:

  • Visit Company Website.
  • Search on the Company Website for products or services.
  • Signing to receive service or product information.
  • Shopping cart abandoned.
  • Order not placed after search.

Once triggered, a series of emails are generated. They could begin with a simple welcome email. It may also be a personalized email with a birthday or anniversary message. The pattern of the emails will be a gradual movement of the targeted audience leading them to purchase the product or service.

Distinguishing features of drip emails:

  • Pre-written. This feature saves time as it eliminates the need for constantly creating new emails.
  • The campaigns are designed to send emails automatically.
  • Emails are addressed to the recipient creating a personalized touch.
  • Scheduled as per audience response.

Generally, the campaign ideas are implemented in stages, perfectly timed to funnel prospects.

  1. The process will begin with an email that will grab attention.
  2. This strategy leads the contact into the prospect stage.
  3. The next stage is where interest will be generated in the prospect’s mind, leading them into the lead stage or a sound lead stage.
  4. The following email will instill a sense of desire for the product or service. A response will move the lead to a qualified lead stage.

Once a lead has been qualified, all that is required is a definite action that leads to a proposal and a possible sale. The chances of closing a sale with a drip-email campaign are much higher when compared to conventional sales. The reason for this is the nature of empowerment given to the prospect. The information given is progressive without being invasive.

Types of Drip Email Campaigns:

Drip campaigns can be broadly divided into two types:

Date-based communication emails:

Date-based communication emails are sent based on dates that are important to the customer. An upcoming birthday or anniversary can be a good way of building a relationship. It will help in strengthening brand value and loyalty. It may also prompt a purchase for the upcoming event.

If the nature of the business requires a subscription or a membership, a renewal communication works excellent as a reminder of the value they get from a continued subscription. Websites that are order-based can use reorder communications gently reminding them of their weekly or monthly requirements.

User behaviour pattern emails:

Behaviour pattern emails could again be of various kinds. Welcome emails are a great way of building a relationship while updating them with upcoming offers. First purchase communications are an excellent way to reiterate the excellent decision about the purchase and the promise of offering good service.

Existing customers can be sent product recommendations based on their buying patterns. Abandoned cart communications are effective when subtly used to make the prospect aware of the range of products they might be interested in.

Advantages of email drip campaigns:

  • Maximum output with minimum effort: The emails are created just once with relevant information. The desire to buy is created as a systematic process of precisely developed emails. They are then automated to be sent at precise schedules or responses from the recipients. This factor eliminates the need for intervention.
  • Require basic monitoring: Once set up, it only needs to be monitored. The emails will automatically funnel quality leads. Email drip campaign ideas have a higher chance of sales conversion. They also effectively remove contacts that may not lead to an eventual sale.
  • Continued brand awareness and recognition: A well-designed campaign will go a long way to keep the product or service on top of the prospect’s mind.


Email drip campaigns are a proven way to improve sales output and revenue. They are an efficient way of using automation of funnelling contacts into buyers and buyers into repeat buyers. They are an excellent means of continued brand awareness and customer loyalty in the long run.

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