9 Popular Tommy Hilfiger Watches In The Market

Wearing a Tommy Hilfiger watch with any outfit will make you stand out from the crowd. Even from a distance, a bracelet or bangle is visible. Established in 1985, this brand has grown from designing and creating clothing collections to expanding into markets such as fragrances, sunglasses, watches, and jewelry, among other areas. In addition to a heavy pop culture influence, Preppy’s collections have a signature American cool aesthetic.

The TH brand is fashionable to wear. Their watches have a contemporary design. Tommy Hilfiger collaborated with Movado, an American watchmaker founded in 1881, to produce the Tommy Hilfiger Watch Line. To complete your look of preppy American cool, here are a few suggestions for Tommy watches if you are a fan of this brand. It is all about the cool American style, and Tommy Hilfiger’s watch line is a great example. Among our selections, you will find a great Tommy Hilfiger watch.

Here is another timepiece with a chronograph in the dial’s center for added convenience. Keeping with the brand colors of Tommy Hilfiger, it has a silver stainless steel case and straps with a navy blue dial. This watch is one of the best Tommy watches in the market. You cannot go wrong with silver-toned accessories. If you are to wear a formal look, pair this watch with a suit; otherwise, go for jeans and a casual polo shirt.

  • TH Men’s 1791053 

As a result of his father’s 42-year career in the jewelry industry as a watchmaker, Tommy Hilfiger created his watch line. Watch designer Tommy Hilfiger put his extraordinary talents and infallible fashion sense to the test. As part of Tommy Hilfiger’s overall aesthetic, the launch collection incorporated a cool, classic sophistication with high-quality craftsmanship to create a harmonious whole. 

His entry into the world of watchmaking was unavoidable, to be sure. For men, Tommy Hilfiger has a 46mm stainless steel case and bracelet with a blue sunray dial for this multipurpose timepiece. An elegant timepiece has a minute-marker bezel on this piece of jewelry.

  • Trent Multi-Function Watch

The stainless steel case and bracelet on this Trent model are both stylish accents. There are three sub-dials, a date indicator, and luminous hands on the black dial, with silver-tone hands and Arabic numerals for the hour markers. Designed to be worn by people of all ages, this watch has a bold and easy-to-read face. 

This watch may be the perfect addition to your watch collection if you’re looking for something that can do more than just tell the time. In addition to the day, date, and 24-hour subdials, this watch has a chronograph on the face of its dial. Because of its adaptable style, you can wear this watch in both formal and casual situations.

  • Tommy Hilfiger Decker Watch Blue Dial Blue Rubber Strap

Its silver-toned band and dial feature Tommy Hilfiger’s trademark colors. If you’re looking for a watch with a more sporty vibe than a more formal and preppy one, this one’s for you. This watch is not only water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters, but it also features glowing hands on the dial, making it an excellent choice for active individuals who also value style. You should not miss this watch in your collection. It’s worth the money.

  • 1781128 Whitney Rose Gold-tone Ladies Watch

When it comes to TH women’s watches, there’s nothing new. You can have the TH Whitney Rose Gold with leather, silicone, or rubber straps. Leather straps are common on square watches, such as this Tommy Hilfiger Whitney Rose Gold-Tone Ladies Watch. However, the stainless steel band on this model is a bold choice. 

Contrasting the gold tone with the engravings on the case is a nice touch. The casing weighs 4.48 ounces, which begs the question of how much the band weighs in comparison. Compared to the colored ones, this one works with casual as well as dressy outfits.

  • TH Analogue Quartz Watch Barclay

The Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Analogue Quartz Watch Barclay is as clean as it gets if you’re going for a dressed-up look. Wearing this watch with a textured leather strap gives it a smart-casual vibe. The dial would have been perfect with just the TH logo, but they couldn’t resist adding the company name. All of these Tommy men’s watches have one thing in common: an American style. Quartz, chronograph, and automatic models are all available.

  • Sport Black Dial Olive Silicon Strap Watch 1790737 by Tommy Hilfiger

This watch has a definite military vibe to the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Sports Black Dial with its olive silicone strap. A typical outdoor watch would have a much more robust construction and a water resistance of at least 50 meters. It is unlikely that Tommy Hilfiger will compete with the big-name sporting goods companies, but they do have some interesting timepieces for sports fans.

  • Watch 1790877 Silver-Tone Stainless Steel Tommy Hilfiger

This Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Silver-Tone Chrono caught people’s eye because it combines simplicity with sophisticated functionality, giving the wearer a youthful appearance. With the refined industrial look of the case and the mesh strap, you’re sure to draw attention. Most people won’t notice that the dial is a little cluttered as a result of the additional push button on their left. Based on the positive reviews, it appears to be a well-liked timepiece.

  • Watch 1710186 by Tommy Hilfiger for Men

The Tommy Hilfiger Automatic incorporates a semi-skeleton and a chronograph to provide an affordable multifunctional timepiece. A counterweight inside an automatic watch acts like a grandfather clock’s pendulum, winding the gears with the wearer’s daily activity. The sub-dial positioning on this watch is stunning, and the overall design is simple and sophisticated. To put it simply, this is an affordable automatic watch with a striking open heart design at 6 o’clock.


Although Tommy Hilfiger is not a watchmaker, his family has a long history of making timepieces. Richard Hilfiger, his paternal grandfather, was a watchmaker who was born in Germany and raised in Switzerland.

 As a clothing and style brand, this brand isn’t as well-known for its watches, but they deserve to be on the same level as the best watch brands in the industry. Watch enthusiasts and collectors can rely on the items in the preceding list to back up their claims. Visit if you want to see watches from this brand.

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