Everything You Need To Know About Australia’s TSS Visa

Australia offers a chance for many organizations and business enterprises to employ a foreign worker for specific fields of employment. This is brought about by the TSS Visa and it offers a temporary fix in case an employer cannot find a skilled worker in the country. Completely replacing the older temporary visa application system, the new visas allow foreign workers to work in a business for a short period, sponsored by their employer.

Applying For A TSS Visa: Eligibility

Foreign or overseas workers must satisfy certain criteria before applying for these temporary visa positions. Take a look at the eligibility below:

  1. Occupations and suitable jobs are always listed under the consolidated lists either on the government immigration office websites or on relevant immigration office pages. The jobs listed there are the only ones eligible for a TSS Visa application.
  2. Employers sponsoring an individual from overseas must be licensed to operate in Australia and must be certified by the Australian government. The business or the organization must provide evidence of employment and must prove the genuinity of the employment position.
  3. The foreign worker must show proof of nomination by the respective employing company or hiring manager.
  4. They must have all the relevant information showcasing their qualifications, technical skills and other important designations that qualify them for nomination
  5. Years of work experience are also an important factor and eligible candidates must have at least 2 years of relevant work experience. The work experience must be in the field of work specified by the company or the employer. No age limit has been specified by the Australian government for application eligibility.
  6. Proof of vocabulary and communication skills in English, the level determined by any internationally recognized test.
  7. Necessary documentation for police check clearance and other clearance certificates.
  8. health documents from recognized medical institutions indicating the health and well-being of the nominated individual.

It takes about several weeks to even months to completely process the application and visas are granted depending upon the urgency and importance of the job.

Four Main Types Of TSS Visa Under The Australian Government

1. Short Term:

These types of visas offer a stay back two years or more but not more than 4 years. However, the downside is that it takes a longer time to process, from 9 months to even a year.

2. Medium Term:

Offers a stay-back period of up to four years but takes less time to completely process. It costs more to process compared to short-term visas.

3. Labour Agreement:

This is for those applicants who are nominated by employers having Labour Agreements with the Australian government. It has the same stay-back period as the medium-term visas.

4. Subsequent Entry:

Although not a temporary visa for skilled workers, it’s for those who accompany them as family. There are no processing times for this type of temporary visa and applicants can stay in the country until the visa expires.

Temporary visas allow skilled workers to bring their families to the country to work or for study as long as the period of expiry holds. Traveling into the country and outside will not affect the period of expiry but the type of employing organization does matter. Companies can sponsor skilled workers for four years or two years depending on the listings and government agreements. However, new companies that have been established in Australia for only less than a year can sponsor skilled workers for eighteen months only, sometimes even less. For those looking to opt for permanent residency, nominated workers should contact their employers to follow through with the Australian immigration office.



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