Winter Barbecue: Five Tips to Host a Memorable Dinner Party for Your Loved Ones 

As you know, the winter season is passing by quickly. February is here and it’s only two months until summer arrives. The question is, what are you planning to do to make these final days of winter memorable?

How about you host a dinner party for your friends and family? A barbecue night? With a bonfire maybe? If you’re into the idea, let me help you host a memorable dinner party for your loved ones. Have a look:

Choose an Outdoor Space 

Although many people believe that coronavirus is gone, it isn’t entirely true. The omicron variant has arrived and it’s spreading rapidly. Many experts say that it’s more contagious than the SARS-CoV-2.

Due to this issue, it’s better if you keep the party outdoors. Having an indoor dinner party can increase your odds of catching an infection. Plus, you must invite a limited number of people to the dinner party. Again, it will minimize your chances of catching the virus and keep you and your loved ones safe.

Be Selective with the Menu 

To host an incredible dinner party, you must be selective with the menu as those mainstream snacks are not going to cut it. What do your friends like? Chicken, mutton, or salmon? It’s better if you ask them before planning out the menu.

Also, make sure there’s fresh barbecue that’s cooked right in front of the guests. Pre-cooked meals can ruin the essence of a winter barbecue; hence, not recommended. Oh, and don’t forget to be creative with the dessert. Get some weed brownies or Hawaiian fruit gummies, and let your loved ones loosen up for the night.

Work on the Ambiance 

The next step is to decorate the space and work on its ambiance. It doesn’t matter how amazing the food is or how much variety you offer, nothing is going to look great if the ambiance isn’t great.

Well, improving the ambiance isn’t as tricky as it seems. Simply add a few fairy lights to the space to make it appear inviting, get some flowers for the decor if possible, and create a music playlist for your loved ones to enjoy. Such tiny things can make a significant difference at the end of the day.

Go for Bonfire 

Many people don’t feel comfortable staying outdoors in cold weather. If your friends and family have similar concerns, you don’t have to worry. You can make it a bonfire night, which will not only add to the fun but also make the space a bit warmer.

Building a bonfire is more than fun. Purchase some hardwood that is cured or dried and get some bricks as well. Create a circle using the bricks and create a teepee on top of it using the pieces of hardwood. Sprinkle some fuel on top of it and once it’s set up, drop a match into the center of the teepee.

Make Some Goodie Bags 

Lastly, please make sure your guests don’t leave empty-handed. You can do that by making goodie bags for them. Purchase a few colorful paper bags and add 2-3 pieces of chocolate, a handwritten card, and a mini scented candle inside each of them.

Present your guests with the goodie bags right before they leave. Trust me; it will leave a lasting impression on them and they will remember your dinner party for years. After all, one needs to make it memorable for everyone.

Simple? Isn’t it? Follow the tips mentioned above and I’m sure your party will be a success. Good luck!


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