5th Wheel Trailer vs Travel Trailer: The Differences

76% of leisure travelers say they want to RV during the holidays. Not only is it a great way to see the nation, but it’s also a more private and cheaper way to travel than flying.

If this has you convinced about the benefits of owning an RV trailer, don’t go rushing out to buy one just yet. You need to first learn about the different types available.

In this article, we’ll show you the difference between a 5th wheel trailer and a travel trailer.

What’s a 5th Wheel Trailer?

A 5th wheel trailer is a bigger-sized RV that starts out at 19 feet and over 2,000 pounds. However, they can go as large as 40 feet and over 25,000 pounds!

Because it’s a larger camping trailer, expect higher prices. Depending on the size and features, you’ll pay anywhere between $20,000 to over $150,000.

What’s a Travel Trailer?

As the name suggests, the travel trailer is more compact. These range between 16 to mid-30 feet and as a result, they weigh a lot less.

Despite being a smaller trailer, this type actually has more storage space, so that’s something to consider.

The Differences Between the Two

Both the 5th wheel and travel trailer are both detachable trailers you can put on your tow vehicle.

However, the former is a lot easier to tow; the latter tows to your tow vehicle bumper, which results in a very bumpy ride. You can try fixing this by adding more airbags, sway bars, and weight distribution hitches, but the ride still won’t be as smooth as with a 5th wheel trailer. But do note that you’ll need a large pickup truck to tow a 5th wheel trailer (an SUV won’t work).

5th wheel trailers have multiple levels to get to the bathroom and master bedroom. This can provide more privacy, but can be more difficult to navigate if you aren’t 100% able-bodied.

Also, the travel trailer is lighter, more compact, and cheaper (both to buy and maintain). If you don’t have much storage space and/or you don’t have a large budget, then a travel trailer can be the better option.

The travel trailer is also shorter than a 5th wheel trailer, and is better for off-roading if you’re into that. But if you (and your passengers) are tall, it can feel claustrophobic inside.

If you want to bring ATVs and dirt bikes though, you’ll have to go with a travel trailer. Otherwise, it’s not feasible with a 5th wheel trailer.

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Buy the Right RV Trailer for You

Now you know the difference between a 5th wheel trailer and a travel trailer. Both have their own pros and cons, so you have to think about your budget, personal situation, and what you’d like to do when traveling. From there, you can make the right decision that’ll keep you happy for years to come!

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