Four Benefits Of Partial Denture Implants

When it comes to resolving dental abnormalities, dental implants have been a timeless technique. This tooth replacement procedure is the most popular and comfortable as it looks natural and improves oral health. Denture implants harbour strongly to the tooth line on the jaw. So, they do not create any negative impacts on the other teeth. A recent survey says that 1 in 25 Australians have no natural teeth left. Brisbane, being the oldest and popular city in NSW, is no exception in poor oral health rates. However, Partial Denture Implants in Brisbane have been growing as a seemingly familiar restoration technique amidst the various denture types like bridges and permanent implants.

Why are partial dentures a better choice?

Brisbane, covered by Queensland Health’s “Metro-North” and “Metro South” Health Service Networks, has been a city with a population having a focus on overall health. When it comes to oral health, paying immediate attention to tooth loss and cavities is inevitable. Luckily, dentures are highly durable and demand less maintenance. As a result, Partial Denture Implants in Brisbane has become a readily available option in most dental clinics. They very much resemble and feel like your natural teeth. Since they are fixed, partial denture implants are the more comfortable option, especially among elders who would like to go to sleep with them in the mouth. Here is a list of some other benefits of picking partial dentures,

1. Does not affect the adjacent teeth

Tooth loss can bring multiple health concerns and deplete even other sections of your oral health. Losing one of your teeth can cause an extensive gap in your jawline and create pressure on the bones. It can even affect the soft tissues. Thus, a tooth restoration technique is highly significant and role-playing in such cases.

If you are looking for a single tooth restoration technique, regular dentures and teeth bridges can look like a welcoming option. However, these treatment options take support of the adjacent teeth and hence, affect the adjacent teeth. Moreover, if you have multiple missing teeth, the regular procedures can be extremely time-consuming and painful. Partial denture implants don’t affect the adjacent teeth.

2. Does not affect other underlying structures

Partial Denture Implants in Brisbane are highly beneficial as they never interfere with the physical appearance of your teeth or jawline. Unlike permanent dentures that might be arduous to accommodate, partial implants keep the bones and the jawline unaltered. As a result, your facial muscles, jawbones and soft tissues remain active and functional, and the shifting of related structures is prevented. Another added advantage of partial denture implants is that they do not cover up the jaw like the complete denture. Partial dentures come with a transparent layer that allows the natural gums to be visible and thus provides a natural smile.

3. Soft yet highly durable

Regular dentures are often hard and highly textured, making them less comfortable for first-timers. When these rough dentures rub against your soft gums, there can be irritation and discomfort. However, partial dentures made of acrylic and metal are subtle and gentle on the jaw and gums. Some partial dentures even come without metal and are 100% out of acrylic. Despite their soft nature, partial denture implants are the hardest to break and are highly durable.

4. A take on the comfort factor

Nothing can match the comfort and flexibility of partial denture implants. Since partial denture implants do not involve the usage of adhesive and other possible irritants, they drastically minimise oral irritation soon after the implant. With the best partial denture implants, you can enjoy most of the food once you get used to chewing slowly. Lastly, you can also save some extra bucks with partial denture implants. Along with the multiple benefits it offers, partial dentures are highly affordable and easy to make.

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