5 Clever Tips to Order Food Delivery Safely During The Pandemic 

Brisbane, the capital of Australia’s Sunshine State, has become a thriving food destination. You can find all your cravings at every turn. The Fortitude Valley and West End are filled with today’s hippest fusion dining spots, while Southbank and the CBD are lined with fine dining restaurants with the best view of the river. But due to the pandemic, the government imposed restrictions limiting restaurant operations. However, you can still enjoy fresh and high-quality meals through meal delivery in Brisbane services. With meal prep delivery services it allows you to choose from a large menu of healthy food options.

Since most people are wary about their health and safety, ensuring the freshness of the food that they will get is their number one priority. If you are still worried about ordering meal deliveries, here are several tips to guarantee your household’s safety when ordering your food.

Tip #1: Ask Delivery Service Provider To Leave Your Orders At the Door 

After ordering fresh meals from meal delivery service providers in Brisbane, you need to put a note to let the driver know where you want it left. Then put a table or a box outside your door where you want the deliveries placed.

You must also wait until the delivery staff is approximately six feet away from your door before getting it and taking the food inside your house. It will ensure that you will not have any direct contact with other people outside your household.

Tip #2: Prefer Contactless Payment 

One of the solutions implemented by meal delivery in Brisbane service providers is accepting cashless payment. It allows you to pay for your fresh meal plans and other orders without the need for face-to-face interactions.

Contactless payments are fast, easy, and secure. You may use your credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards to pay for your orders. But if you want to give a tip to the delivery staff, you can put the bill on top of the table where you want them to leave your food.

Tip #3: Transfer Your Food in Plates 

As soon as you get your food, you need to transfer them to individual serving plates and discard the containers and outer packaging from the delivery service provider before eating or serving your meal. If you want to recycle the containers, you need to ensure that they are properly sanitised before storage.

You also need to transfer the food to a different container if you do not serve the meal anytime soon. Find a clean food-grade container to transfer the contents of the delivery package before putting it in the fridge.

Tip #4 Sanitise Every Surface 

Since the food package and containers come from the outside, you must always sanitise the surface where you place them to avoid any unwanted transmissions. You can also wipe all the counters and the fridge using food-safe cleaners to get rid of viruses and other contaminants.

Tip #5: Never Forget to Wash Your Hands 

You must know by now that washing hands are one of the best ways to prevent contracting any diseases, including the dreaded Covid-19 virus. So every time you handle food delivery from your favourite Brisbane meal delivery provider, you must always wash your hands with soap and clean water.

Ordering food from meal delivery services can be the fastest and most convenient way to eat fresh and delicious meals in Brisbane. But since the world is still dealing with the pandemic, taking these extra precautions can help put your mind at ease and ensure that you and your household will be safe at all times.

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