Breakfast Near Me: The Best Breakfast In Victoria That You’d Love To Get Out Of Bed For

Breakfast near me – or even when it’s not – you have to go get the best breakfast in BC! Start your morning right with a trip to your favorite breakfast café. If your favorite place serves great meals, the trip will be worth it!

What to Look for in a Breakfast Place

Arguably, breakfast places in Victoria are a dime a dozen. You can head to the nearest fast food joint and find something to ease your hunger. Or, you can opt for better-prepared fares that will wake up and delight your taste buds.

Arguably, the latter option – that is: better-prepared food – is something that we look for in a breakfast place. Fast food joints are everywhere. It doesn’t feel that special to grab yourself some McDonald’s hash browns or sausage McMuffins. You can have that practically every day, on your way to work.

At great breakfast places, food is prepared only when you order them. Hash browns are extra special because these will likely have diced white onions in them, as well as other herbs and spices. Sausage muffins are made from real meat, with no extenders. Plus, of course, you can choose from other breakfast staples that you can’t find in fast food place, like egg benedicts and omelets made the way you like them.

Location, of course, needs to be a requisite when looking for a good breakfast place. It seems romantic to try to get to a great café regardless of how far it is. But, you can only really go so far before lunchtime comes. When that happens, the breakfast or brunch food you’re craving for may no longer be available. 

So, better look for a place just near your home. By near, we mean places that you can get to during breakfast time, without you suffering too much from hunger.

Lastly, reviews for your chosen breakfast place should be impressive. After all, you’re getting up from bed for it. Yelp reviews can help you draw up a list of places you’d want to try. From there, it’s a fun gastric journey of finding out which is best for you.

Now That You’ve Found the Best Breakfast Place in Victoria BC

Got a favorite breakfast place now? Here’s what’s next. 

Enjoy! That’s it. It’s always a great thing to find what would turn out to be our favored places. You not only find a good place to eat when you want to dine out. You find a second home. You find a restaurant crew who welcome you, each time you enter their doors. You get to become a regular, and enjoy the perks many regulars get – the extra mile of service they receive from the places they frequent.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try to find more of these food places you might turn out loving. It is a good thing to support local business, especially now that many have been hit by the pandemic. Patronizing these places becomes even more than just enjoying a breakfast out. It becomes a good deed that helps the local community.

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