Freelance services are evil

In the modern world, people do not have to be attached to a particular company and constantly work with one boss. Many people now choose the freelance format because it is much more convenient to work this way. For example, a freelancer can travel the world and carry out their tasks anywhere in the world. It can also be beneficial to health. Some people point out that working from home allows you to eat healthy food throughout the day.

Most of all, video bloggers are happy with this format. They stopped to buy real YouTube subscribers because their viewers now spend most of their time at home and constantly watch various content.

The only problem is that most freelancers at the beginning of their careers use the services on which they are looking for customers. Such platforms are certainly safe for both parties, but they sometimes have more disadvantages than advantages. In this article we will try to understand why freelance services are evil.

Freelance as the main format of work in 2021

During the pandemic, many corporations and individual customers switched to a remote work format, because offices were forbidden to work for some time. In such conditions, a situation has developed in which most people were forced to try to fulfill their duties while at home and only send the results of their activities to the management by mail.

Despite the fact that sooner or later this period of our life will end, most likely we will not return to the old style of life. Most corporations will continue to work remotely, and many people will become freelancers or bloggers. By the way, during the lockdown period, content makers noted that they did not have to buy YouTube subscribers, because users began to consume more content on the Internet.

Why freelance services are evil

Of course, such platforms are the safest way to transact. During the execution of the task, the money is frozen inside the service, and after the freelancer submits his work, he will receive payment. This saves both performers and customers from the opportunity to meet with a fraudster.

However, these services charge quite a large percentage of themselves for security. For example, most often, both parties to the transaction need to pay a commission for depositing and withdrawing funds, as well as a percentage of the order value. On most platforms, you can find commissions for order fulfillment of about 10% and for withdrawals of about 5%.

Considering that freelance services are characterized by low order costs, the customer and the contractor must pay a really large amount for using the platform.

How to find a job for a beginner freelancer?

If you are just planning to start working remotely, then you can use freelance services for the first time. During the execution of the first tasks, you will be able to find customers with whom you will be able to cooperate personally in the future. The main thing is not to stay where you always have to pay a commission. Save your income!


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