Guide to Buying Men’s Head Shaver:

Are you looking for a low-maintenance look that can be cared for at home? Or, are your hairs starting to thin out? Shaving your head with an Electric Head Shaver can be the best option for you. Moreover, not to forget, head shaving and sporting a bald look is perceived as a bold and strong choice nowadays.

Are you planning to get a buzz? Or, have you already shaved your head? Whatever may be the case, if you want to maintain a cleaner cut, a Men’s Head Shaver is definitely one of the tools that you should consider adding to your collection. Have a look at this article which will serve as a definitive guide on what are the important factors that need to be considered before you purchase head shavers.

 Important factors to be considered before purchasing an Electric Head Shaver:

The first and foremost thing that needs to be considered before buying a Men’s Head Shaver is that you should look out for certain features that will make the shaving process more effortless and properly prepare your scalp ahead of actually turning on one. Just scroll through and find out the things that need to be considered before shopping.

Features to look for in a Head Shaver:

An Electric Head Shaver is designed for both wet and dry shaves. But, there are models which are specifically designed for either wet shaves or dry shaves. Therefore, if you prefer one specific shave over the other, you should thoroughly check what the specific head shaver can handle. Moreover, you should strictly follow the instructions after you have chosen one as per your requirements and shave accordingly. Below mentioned are some of the features that you should always pay attention to which can make the Men’s Head Shaver more user-friendly to be used at home.

  • Battery Life: The fewer recharges that you need to make per month, the better it is. Problems of battery drainage right in the middle of shaving can be quite distracting. You should always look for an Electric Head Shaver that features a battery life indicator. It should also be noted that compared to other standard batteries, a lithium battery offers longer runtime after a full charge.
  • The maintenance factor: While you are checking out on Men’s Head Shaver, you should always go through the cleaning instructions of that particular head shaver. You should always check for the number of blades in the shaver and whether the cover can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. If you are one of those who always have a stuffed schedule, you should always look for models that require occasional oiling or cleaning.
  • Water Protection: There is nothing much to say about this. A waterproof Electric Head Shaver is usually much more durable.
  • The price factor: As with many purchases, it is not always true that a product with a higher price tag will always mean that the product is better. Most people, nowadays, are on a budget. So, there is no point in investing a lump sum for a Men’s Head Shaver. There are shavers overflowing in the market which are affordable, and at the same time, simply work great. So, never think of saving while purchasing a shaver as the quality really matters.

Trimmers and Clippers vs Head Shavers

Unlike the clippers or trimmers which are primarily used for cutting longer hairs, a Men’s Head Shaver is a separate and specific tool. Although all these three tools can be used for the maintenance of a shaved head, which one would you use will depend on the type of hairstyle that you are looking to flaunt.

If you have too many locks in your hair, you should first use a clipper before going in with an Electric Head Shaver. They leave a consistent length all over and they are more powerful than trimmers.

Razors can be used for shaving your head from the comfort of your home, but there are some downsides to it. A certain amount of skill is required while using razors so that you do not cut yourself during the process. If you are a skillful razor user, you can shave your head thoroughly and quickly, but the process becomes quite effortless with a Men’s Head Shaver as there is no need to go through the steep learning curve of a classic razor.

How to treat your head before you use a head shaver?

You would never want a thick barrier of shaving cream, while you are using an Electric Head Shaver as that would make it harder for the blades to slide through your hair. You should apply a thin layer of cream with the help of a brush in order to relish a smoother shaving experience. You can also apply a pre-shave oil that prepares the skin and hair for a close shave. After you turn off your head shaver, rinse your head with cool water and moisturize with a post-shave lotion.

Final Thoughts:

So, these were some of the important things that you should consider before purchasing a Men’s Head Shaver. Hope this article helps you to make an informed decision.


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