How Much ValueDoes the PMP Project Management Professional Certification Give You?

PMP knowledge system has been widely used in IT, electronics, communications industry, followed by aerospace, automotive, engineering, construction, manufacturing, petrochemical industry. And it covers a wide range of other industry jobs with a focus on these field industries. No restrictions on the candidate’s industry and type of occupation. Anyone interested in project management can study for the exam.You can make the most use of the project management methods you have learned through the PMP certification by regularly reviewing your project management knowledge and instilling project management thinking in your project team members. It can be said that the PMP certification websites is currently the most prestigious certificate in the project management community and is highly recognized in over 190 countries and regions worldwide. Fortune Magazine once asserted that “The 21st century is the century of the Project Management Professional(PMP), because all business activities can be turned into projects.” The high value of the PMP certificate is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

  1. When bidding, the PMP certificate is used as an effective measure of the company’s project management capabilities.In some large projects, the bidding process need the PMP to be used. PMP holders have more advantages, which is one of the reasons why companies prefer PMP certificate holders.
  2. In many benchmark companies in the industry, PMP is the common language.And not mastering PMP is like not speaking English in foreign companies. More and more companies choose PMP holders as their priority when recruiting, training and promoting talents, and even many HRs take it as a basic requirement for job application.
  3. The PMP certificate will give you more opportunities for new team formation, job adjustment, promotion and salary increase within the company. Earn money is the completely real! Do not talk about those false things! In view of the wide range of domestic PMP employment, the growing demands for PMP project management personnel and other factors, PMP holders’ salaries have been going up in recent years, becoming a standard high-wage occupation. The PMP project manager is the most basic threshold requirement to enter the domestic top 50 enterprises. And you can’t even get a ticket to the gate without it.
  4. It is essential to learn your own work skills and communication skills, especially in large companies, where colleagues have both depth and breadth of conversation, and you cannot understand the direction of conversation and thinking by basic experience. It is important to understand the role of the PMP certificate.It will never happen that you will be promoted if you take the exam.But it is certainly helpful for your promotion. When experience and theoretical preparation have reached a certain level, the leader will find why you are shining. The PMP project management focuses on the project manager’s ability to improve learning.In addition to the high value of the certificate itself, the learning content includes the five process groups of project management and the ten knowledge areas. The tools, techniques, templates and knowledge that will be used during the project phase will all be covered.So it can be said that the role of PMP Project Management is to help learners to improve their existing work efficiency and improve the management process!


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