How To Feed Your Baby On The Go?

Feeding your baby on the go can seem quite tricky, but there are several tricks you can put into practice.

Busy parents should in fact have a snack hidden in their bag.

If your baby has just started eating solid foods, you may get away with a bag of fruit or vegetable puree or fill a thermos with a few cubes of frozen puree.

Once your child has started finger eating, he has probably turned into a snack freak – and no mom wants to risk a hunger-induced slump.

Read this article to find out what you can do to get ready and get great snacking ideas, as well as tips, tricks, and tools to help you feed your baby while on the go.

Let’s get started.. 


At The Playground

The wonderful thing about the great outdoors is that you don’t have to worry about crumbs.

Grab your favorite oatmeal, wholemeal crackers, and pretzels – the pigeons will love you.

Making a mess there is not a big deal, so you can give your kid mashed fruits, vegetables, or maybe yogurt.

Unsweetened yogurt is the healthiest; avoid flavored varieties full of sugar.

Whole fruit like bananas and clementines are quick to peel, and you can share the bits with little friends.

In addition, most parks have convenient baskets to throw away the peels.

In kindergarten

Kindergarten is great because there is someone else to care for your kids’ mealtime.

However, even the best moms get tired of preparing lunches. 

The easiest way to do it is to rely on proven sandwiches and wraps; for example,

Try to wrap some turkey meatballs with cheese, beans and rice, or macaroni..

The best moms make savory muffins or crustless quiches.

If you’re looking for ways to sneak in vegetables, kids can’t resist sauces.

Remember that your baby’s diet must be healthy and well-balanced to assimilate all the nutrients he needs.

In The Car

Feeding your baby on the go is part of the routine for families on the go. If you worry about the mess, avoid giving your baby splashy food.

Apple slices, quartered strawberries or grapes, cheese sticks, mini bagels, and toasted waffles are relatively low-impact.

Get extra points for non-perishable snacks, like granola bars, which you can hide in the glove box.

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In a Family and Friends Visit

Your sister-in-law invites you to her house and has a white sofa. It goes without saying that you won’t pack bright orange sweet potatoes or grenade beets.

Beige is your best friend: pears or apples, diced tofu, mini cheese ravioli (avoid the sauce).

At a large party with a buffet, many moms find it easier to avoid spills if you let the child eat from their plate.

Fill the turkey, ham, cheese, and fruit and cut them into child-sized bites.

In a Restaurant

Restaurants can be a great experience – someone else cooks the food and brings it to you!

However, leaving an avalanche of dirt under the high chair is embarrassing!

Choose a child-friendly place, keep a few books and toys hidden away, and leave a big tip.

Don’t feel like you have to order from the children’s menu in terms of options. Sharing shredded chicken, sliced ​​pasta, rice, beans, mashed potatoes, or fresh fruit may be cheaper and healthier.

Give your toddler a few bites at a time, limiting the opportunities for throwing a whole basket of chicken sticks and chips across the table.

In The Plane

Preparing the right clothes, toys, and snacks for the trip can seem complex. To avoid flying crumbs, don’t opt ​​for crackers. 

The cheese sticks are rich in protein and a little messy, and hard-boiled eggs are an excellent option for breakfast on the early flights.

Packets of instant oatmeal are a crafty trick – ask the hostess for a cup of hot water and mix it.

Choose dried fruits like raisins, blueberries, and apricots cut into large pieces like raisins. Save the walnuts and trail mix for later – they are a choking hazard for at least up to 4 years.


When away from home, choose these products that can prove to be very useful:

  • Insulated lunch bag
  • Freezer pack
  • Thermos
  • Foam bags
  • Snack cups
  • Bib
  • Placemat
  • Sketch mat
  • Travel Highchair


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