How to Improve Your Golf Game: 5 Tips to Swing Like a Pro

Did you know that over 24 million US citizens spent time playing golf in 2020? The rise in popularity has many novice players eager to learn how to play better golf.

Are you looking for ways to easily improve your golf swing? Would you have a lot more fun on the course if you could improve your golf score?

The following guide will explain how to improve your golf game using 5 simple tips. Read on and learn how to play better golf by fine-tuning your swing.

1. Lower Your Hands

The placement of your hands is crucial for lowering the trajectory of your shots. Golfers often select a strong club to drive the ball back but it’s a less dependable approach. Instead, keep your hands low to keep the height of your shots lower.

Pay attention to the position of your spine, forearm, elbows, and wrists during your backswing. You should finish with your forearm parallel to your spine as you rotate. Additionally, your elbows and forearms should create a triangle if done correctly.

2. Hinge Power

It’s important to power the ball with your body instead of your arms. To practice, position your club behind the ball and try to send the ball into the air without using a backswing. Mastering this technique is the best way to improve the body power of your swings.

You can also hinge your wrists for added power. Make sure to keep about a 45-degree angle between your arm and your golf club before swinging. Then, your wrists should move to about a 90-degree angle with the club as you turn through your backswing.

3. Elbow Slice

Try using a tucked elbow approach to maintain shoulder control and gain more downswing power. Mastering this technique also helps reduce general errors in your swing. Check out this website for beautiful courses to practice your swing.

4. Don’t Flip Wrists

Your hands often flip your wrists if your body is out of position during a swing. It tends to happen near impact and is too fast to completely control.

Practice your shot using an impact bag to help avoid this error. Keep your lead arm parallel with the head shaft and your hips barely open.

5. Practice Chipping

You can practice your chipping just about anywhere by using a wooden dowel. Simply keep about two feet of the dowel sticking out of the top portion of your club shaft’s grip.

You’ll know that your wrist is not in the right position if the dowel touches you while you practice. Practice keeping your hands locked in a forward position to improve your swing and keep the dowel away.

Understanding How To Improve Your Golf Game

Now you know how to improve your golf game using 5 easy practice techniques. Remember this guide to upgrade your power, reduce your slicing, and improve your overall control.

We hope you see noticeable improvement and get a win the next time you take to the course! Check out the rest of our blog for more awesome golf tips to help you master the game.





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