How to Make the Most of Your Time as a Small Business in December

Every small business owner would certainly benefit from having a bank of time management techniques on hand, but it’s especially important during this time of year. December is certainly a month that is filled with joy and celebration; however, for business owners it can also be a stressful period that is marked by worry and pressure.

December is a frenetic month for those working in retail or other businesses directly influenced by Christmas. For others, it’s the start of a month-long countdown to the Christmas holidays and the big day itself. Whatever your scenario, here are some time management suggestions to help you efficiently manage your time so that December is less stressful, more productive, and more enjoyable for everyone.

More action, less planning

Businesses should always have plans and strategies in place, and it’s a good idea to know what you need to accomplish and how you’re going to do it. However, spending hours on the planning aspect at this time of year may not be a good use of your time. Spend a few minutes each morning determining your top priorities and creating a to-do list. Then, at the conclusion of each day, evaluate what you’ve accomplished and what you need to do the next day. Don’t overthink your preparations—use your energy to get things done. For example getting quotes on your business insurance is very quick when done online and you can have the policies sent straight to your inbox to look at later.

Put an end to your procrastination

We all have things that we put off because they appear to be too difficult or we don’t feel prepared to complete them correctly. If it’s the former, even getting started on a little portion of it might be beneficial. As soon as we make progress on anything, it appears to be less demanding, and we are more likely to continue with it. If the latter is the case, it may be time to outsource that work rather than dreading it or putting it off to the extent that it never gets done.

Set objectives and deadlines

This is especially crucial if December is a short month for you, with many schools and businesses closing on December 19th and many businesses not reopening until the New Year. This implies you just have two full working weeks left to finish what you need to before the end of the year. Determine what must be achieved and set timeframes for completing it. Don’t waste your final working day running about. Identify what tasks absolutely must be done and be prepared to leave some left on the list for 2022.

Reward yourself

With all the chocolates and Christmas parties on the goin December, you’d be a fool to miss out completely because you’re too busy ticking things off your to-do list. Allow yourself a reward whenever you’ve set your objectives and met each of your deadlines; it will make the hard work worthwhile and keep you motivated to crack on.

Breaks are necessary                                                                                

Make sure you take regular breaks when you’re working hard throughout your two full productive December weeks, or the entire month of December for some. Breaks help you to re-energize your mind. Walking about can also assist with posture and minimize back/shoulder aches and pains, resulting in increased productivity and fewer illnesses.

Modify your habits

Although the mornings may be chilly and gloomy, if you can wake up earlier and begin working before some of your coworkers arrive, you will be able to get more done in these two fruitful weeks. You may discover that you appreciate the increased productivity and decide to continue the practice in 2022.

Avoid any distractions

Close your office door (if you have one), switch off your phone, and log out of your email inbox and social media accounts if you have anything essential to finish. You should be able to concentrate on the work at hand due to the absence of interruptions. You will see a boost in productivity even if you simply do it for one hour every day.

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Hopefully, by following these time management ideas, you will have a productive and joyful December. You’ll certainly be busy with Christmas shopping and activities, but if you can stay organized at work, you’ll be able to avoid some of the stress that Christmas may bring.


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