How to Tell If a Valentino Handbag Is Authentic

Are you planning on buying a Valentino handbag?

This is a great decision and you can find plenty at boutiques and online stores. However, you do want to make sure it’s authentic before you hand over your hard-earned money.

Sounds complicated? It doesn’t have to be. Here’s what you need to know about spotting an authentic Valentino handbag.

Valentino Handbag Serial Number

When looking at a Valentino handbag, carefully take note of the serial number. This is typically located on a small, metal plate near the bottom of the bag.

Compare this number to the one on the Valentino website. If the number does not match, the bag is likely not authentic.

Check the Logo

The logo should be an embossed V with a double already stitched in place. If the V is not embossed or if the double is not already stitched, then the handbag is most likely not authentic.

Other things to look for when checking the logo are the spacing between the letters, the thickness of the stitching, and the overall quality of the printing.

If any of these things seem off, then the handbag is likely not authentic. Check the website to learn more about this.

Check the Materials

All Valentino bags are made with high-quality materials, so if the bag is made with anything less than that, it is most likely fake.

The most common materials used for Valentino bags are leather and fabric, so if the bag is made with any other materials, it should be considered fake. Also, all hardware on a Valentino bag should be made with high-quality metal.

Check if It has a Custom Zipper

Valentino handbags are well-known for their use of a custom zipper. This zipper is specifically designed for Valentino bags and is not used by any other designers.

The custom zipper is one of the many signature details that help to make a Valentino bag so recognizable. It is also one of the things that makes a Valentino bag so well-made.

This also ensures that the bag will close securely and will not easily come open making it a reasons why Valentino bags are such a good investment. They are made to last and will always look great.

Check the Stitching Quality

When looking for a high-quality, authentic Valentino handbag, pay close attention to the stitching. A well-made designer handbag will have clean, even stitches that are all the same size.

The thread should also be well-matched to the color of the bag. Poor quality bags will have crooked or loose stitches, and the thread may be the wrong color or too thick. If you’re not sure about the quality of the stitching, ask a sales associate for help.

Keep These in Mind When Looking for an Authentic Valentino Handbag

If you are planning to purchase a Valentino handbag, it is important to make sure that it is authentic. There are a few things that you can look for when assessing these types of handbags, including the brand logo, the stitching, and the labels.

If you are unsure about the authenticity, you can always contact the company for more information.

A few simple tips and tricks go a long way. Keep browsing our inspiring blogs for more!




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