What Does a Mental Health Technician Do? A Closer Look

Did you know there are an estimated 93,410 people working as psychiatric technicians? Working as a mental health technician is a meaningful and secure job. If you want to become a mental health technician, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn what mental health technicians do daily and where they will work. You can get hired at a variety of places.

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Mental Health Technician Job Defined

Do you currently have difficulty with mental health? You might end up working with a mental health technician during your treatment. Mental health technicians will work in many different settings.

A mental health technician might help administer any prescribed medicine. They will check behavior patterns and vital signs. A mental health technician will fill out an admittance form when new patients arrive.

Some technicians will bring patients to their recreational or therapeutic activities. There isn’t one single treatment approach for mental health technicians.

The technician will work according to the facility’s values and philosophy.

What Are the Training Requirements?

A technician won’t always need extra education beyond their high school diploma. Employers usually provide on-the-job training so the tech can develop the appropriate skills.

Some employers want the psychology, or social work coursework completed already. Some might even like the individual to have a completed bachelor’s degree.

Most techs will work at a location that suits their personality best. Some might choose to work at a private clinic, while others may prefer halfway houses or shelters.

Techs can work in chemical dependency units. Others work at schools or homes with people who have developmental disabilities.

You’ll need problem-solving and relationship skills. As a mental health tech, you’ll need to adapt to changing situations and think fast.

Listening well and showing compassion will help you in this work.

Where Could You Work?

People who become mental health technicians work in professional settings. The title psychiatric technician, behavioral health technician, or mental health technician.

People will work at a psychiatric hospital or residential mental health facility. Some facilities will operate 24 hours a day, so the technician could have night or evening shifts.

How Can You Find a Job?

There are more openings for mental health technicians than ever before.

Professionals work at psychiatric departments or mental health residences. However, many different organizations will hire behavioral health technicians.

A long-term facility like an assisted living community or a nursing home will hire them. Home health aide agencies, homeless shelters, or outreach organizations are also options.

Mental health techs who work at a substance abuse or psychiatric hospital tend to get paid the best. Learn more about the benefits of working as mental health tech.

What’s the Difference Between a Mental Health Aide and Mental Health Technician?

Aid will help the patient with daily living. This includes things like transportation, assistance with bathing, or serving meals. The names might sound similar.

Aids don’t usually need anything more than a GED or high school diploma. If you choose to become an aid, think about what the job will mean. Will you need to work on the weekends and overnight?

What Skills or Personality Traits Will Benefit You?

Think carefully about if this line of work suits your personality and skill-set.

Are you empathetic and highly compassionate towards people? Are you able to remain calm and patient in a stressful situation? Are you a good listener?

Mental health technicians need to develop a connection and rapport with their patients. They should also have excellent observational skills.

The mental health technician will recognize if the patient’s exhibiting any different behavior.

Does This Job Suit You?

Before pursuing this job opportunity, think about your personality and abilities.

Some people who suffer from mental health issues won’t always be suited for these positions. If you find yourself overwhelmed by others’ problems, look at a different kind of job.

You want to ensure you don’t get burned out by working in the mental health field.

Enjoy Job Security

Employment security and availability are always a concern for most health professionals. Going into any new field, you’ll want to know that there’s a demand for the positions.

Employment for jobs in mental health will continue growing. This demand means that you won’t need to worry as a mental health technician.

You’ll Get to Take Continuing Education Courses

Depending on where you live, you might need to continue taking different courses. This will allow you to grow in other areas.

Do you love learning about different topics? Working in any health profession means you’ll get to take more courses. Consider taking courses in art therapy.

Taking further education might even allow you to get a higher-paying position somewhere.

If there’s a particular spot you would like to work at, find out what courses you should take. You could improve your chances of getting hired.

Will You Become a Mental Health Technician?

Did you find this guide helpful on what a mental health technician is? You might want to work at a substance abuse center or mental health hospital.

Consider looking into this career path if you like to help people and are a good listener.

People who work as mental health technicians need to be compassionate and empathetic.

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